Hibernation Herbal Tea

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Are you feeling the cozy weather arriving?

We have made a unique herbal tea blend perfect for autumn/winter nourishment and calming. Giving yourself a warm hug during hibernation time we are all feeling right now. Tasty notes of apple, cinnamon, and chamomile with the support of reishi and lemon balm for our immune system & adrenals.


  • Wild Raspberry leaf - high in minerals, foraged from the wild 
  • Lemon balm - calming without making you sleepy
  • Apple, dried, high in vitamin C, source of pectin supports gut health
  • Rosehips - high in vitamin C
  • Calendula - sunny & uplifting lymphatic herb
  • Cinnamon - heart & body warming herb
  • Reishi - earthy, nourishing adaptogenic herb
  • Chamomile - calming, digestive supporting, tasty herb

How to brew

Enjoy a tasty cup whenever you need a cozy, warm hug, brew 1 tsp/cup. Short or long infusions are possible with this blend. Long infusions bring more of the Reishi and apple out into the overall flavour. We recommend 5-10 min. steeping time.


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