Spruce Resin Extract

Spruce Resin Extract

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Spruce resin is an ancient tree medicine used by many first nations around the world. It has antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal properties. It's excellent for repairing and protecting the skin. If you think of what a tree makes it for, which is to protect itself from pathogens and bugs from entering the tree, you can understand how it could be useful for us. 

It's a MUST have in our first aid box. Everything you used to use polysporin for, you can use this for. It's really amazing! This beautiful extract has many uses including:

  • first aid ointment to put on cuts, scrapes, slivers
  • soothes the skin & helps prevent infection
  • scar treatment oil,
  • chest decongestant,
  • eczema flare-up treatment. 


Harvested from white and blue spruce trees in Edmonton, then infused in organic extra-virgin olive + pumpkin seed oil, then filtered to create a liquid extract that smells like the forest and has the consistency similar to liquid honey.

Because of its amazing soothing and repairing properties, it is an important ingredient in many of our skin care remedies such as our face oil, herbal balms. You can also get this as part of our first aid bundle! 

How to Apply

Add a few drops to the area and rub in or let it soak in if its too sensitive to touch. cover with a cotton pad/cloth/bandage and let it works its magic. For a scar oil, just massage into the scar area a few times a week to soften and repair the scar tissue present. It's a must have in our first aid box!


30ml glass dropper bottle. Will last you a long time. Only a few drops are needed at a time. 

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