Rose Petal Pink Clay Bath Bombs

Rose Petal Pink Clay Bath Bombs

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Water is the keeper of our emotions. It holds memory and can help us release/process emotions or memories too. Bathing can be a sacred ritual that helps you come back to yourself.

These little bath bombs are perfect for opening your heart and allowing yourself to feel that warm feeling of love. 

Made with French pink clay, roses, herbal infused oils, as well as a joyful, lymph loving blend of essential oils, they are a perfect gift of self-love to yourself or a loved one. 


Baking soda (aluminum-free), Citric acid, Arrowroot powder*, citric acid, herbal-infused olive oil (calendula or dandelion)*, sunflower seed oil*, french pink clay, essential oils of: pink grapefruit*, juniper berry*, marjoram*, patchouli*. 


The bath bombs are medium size, perfect for 1 bath. These are packaged in glassine paper only.

Glassine paper is 100% paper and fully biodegradable.