Remedy roll ons - Essential oil blends for on the go!


We have crafted 8 different essential oil remedy roll-ons to help you stay healthy and give you the support you need whether you are at home, at work, or on the go!

  • Headache Relief - helps relieve or lessen the symptoms of headaches and migraines.
  • Muscle Release - de-stress and relax those shoulders from being desk bound or tight muscles after a workout.
  • Just Breathe - opens up the airways when congested.
  • Be Calm & Roll On - promotes a sense of calm and helps relieve anxiety.
  • Go to Sleep | Adult - promotes a deeper sleep so your can wake up feeling more well rested. This is my favourite blend!
  • First Aid Helper - Dab on those minor scratches and boo boos to soothe and clean the wound. 
  • Detoxify - Helps to detoxify and get your lymph flowing!
  • Little Acorn's Sleep, Baby, Sleep - have a restless little one or they have trouble winding down at night? Try this. You may just call it your magic wand!

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We guarantee that we will always produce a product with both the health of people and the planet in mind!
We believe in sustainability and transparency, using only natural ingredients and our labels will list every ingredient that is in our products, guaranteed!


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