Castille Soap Bar - Bare Facts

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The Classic Marseille inspired soap that started it all for me. Just pure 100% organic extra-virgin saponified olive oil and distilled water. Just the 'bare facts'! 

I choose high quality organic extra-virgin olive oil that hasn't been cut or mixed with any other oils, which is a common problem with extra-virgin olive oils on the market. There are no exfoliants, no essential oils, etc. in this bar. It's an excellent bar for people with sensitive skin, babies, and those looking for a super gentle, moisturizing, scent-free bar.

How to use

Put the bar in your hand and run it under the water to create a lather. Alternatively, get a cloth or scrub brush wet and then rub the cloth or brush onto the soap bar to load them up with soap and do your cleaning or scrubbing. Reload the cloth or brush as needed. Ways of using this soap include:
  • hands soap for the bathroom, studio, workshop, kitchen, etc.
  • in the shower
  • travelling/camping
  • washing your dishes!!
  • spot treating your clothes, and even
  • a scent bar in your dresser drawer to freshen your clothes


Filtered water, Saponified Extra virgin olive oil*. * = organic.

More info

All my soaps are vegan, hand-cut, and packaged in 100% recycled kraft paper boxes with a plantable wrapper! Instructions are included on how to turn your package into a wildflower project at home!

Weight:  90-100g/bar.

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