Lymph Well Box - (Starter edition)

Lymph Well Box - (Starter edition)

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Taking care of our inner ocean creates such a ripple effect in our body, that can benefit all our other systems.  

After all, our lymphatic system is our inner watershed and the delivery mechanism of our immune system. We believe that keeping it healthy and thriving is the key to overall health.

7+ Favourites we have selected to nourish and support your Lymphatic Health are:

  • 1)Detoxifying Bath/Body Oil +
  • 2)Body Butter
  • 3)Soap Bar +
  • 4)Clay Deodorant of your Choice 
  • 5)Jute Garshana Dry Brush Mitt +
  • 6)Copper Tongue Cleaner 
  • 7)Transdermal Magnesium Oil Spray 
  • + BONUS Clay Tooth cleansing Powder + Bamboo Toothbrush (not pictured)

    A large part of lymph system resides in the gut, as well as in many of our joints and creases like knees, neck, hips, armpits, ankles, as well as our neck and mouth areas. Taking care what we use on our bodies as well as moving these areas each day can help flush the lymph system, keeping it flowing and clean.