Little Acorn's Massage Oil

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This pandemic has done a number on our little one's hands and created a lot of dryness.

This rich, nourishing, and gentle massage oil is made with our very own herbal infused extra-virgin olive oil blend of calendula, chamomile, and rosehips.

We harvest wild rosehips in the Edmonton river valley and make rosehip, chamomile, and calendula herbal-infused oils to add vitamins as well as anti-inflammatory properties to our product, making them extra soothing and nourishing for little ones.

Finished off with a hint of lavender, this oil helps calm babies and is a great addition to a bath time or bedtime routine!

Why oil massages have been around for thousands of years

Did you know that for our nerves to fire messages back and forth to each other, they need oil to carry the message along the myelin sheath coating the nerve fibres? An oil massage is an excellent way to form a loving connection and support healthy skin and nervous system development.