Salve - Eczema Bee Gone

Salve - Eczema Bee Gone

What's in our eczema bee gone salve?

It's made with Alberta beeswax, our own herbal extra-virgin olive oil that has been infused with organic chamomile, calendula, and wild-harvested rosehips, plaintain, and chickweed, as well as our own essential oil blend to add anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties to nourish eczema prone skin.

What's also unique about our salve, is that we have also added non-nano zinc oxide. Zinc is an excellent barrier to keep out moisture and air, but yet still allows the skin to breathe, giving the skin time and space to heal.

What you WON'T find in our skincare products:
- Petro-chemicals
- Parabens
- Phythalates
- PEG compounds
- Alcohols
- Preservatives
- Propylene Glycol
- Fragrance
- SLS, SLES, and other sulfates

How do you use it?
Scoop out an amount you need to cover your eczema patch with a thick-moderate layer. Rub it in to help moisturize and soften the skin. Cover the area with a cotton sock, mitt/glove, or gauze patch overnight and remove in the morning. Keep applying as needed until your flare up settles. Once it does, you can use a skin soothing salve to keep the skin nourished and hydrated, such as our Banish Dry Skin Salve.

Packaging: We pack our products in amber glass jars, which are both eco-friendly and help to maximize the lifespan of the organic ingredients inside. A win for you and a win for the environment!

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We guarantee that we will always produce a product with both the health of people and the planet in mind!
We believe in sustainability and transparency, using only natural ingredients and our labels will list every ingredient that is in our products, guaranteed!


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