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PLANTiful Apothecary

E-book - Plantain Leaf Profile

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    Plantain, also known as Plantago major, most famous for being a great spit poultice or almost instant green bandage for wasp stings or bug bites. 

    Plantain is also a superstar when it comes to both acute and chronic conditions, helping move out infections, and slowly and steadily helping our kidneys and liver get in tune with our bodies and the rhythms of nature.

    It's been called many names from frog tongue leaf to white man's foot. Find out more in our full plant profile!

    What's unique about your plant profiles?

    I believe it's not about how many plants you know, but how well you know a plant friend. An analogy would be to think about how a few good friends you really know will have your back, more than many superficial friends you barely know.

    It's all here for you to nerd out or just skim it a bit at a time with ways to take that learning and embody it. Get to know the feel, taste, and sound of the plant as a way to build an understanding of the plant's energetics and gifts.

    Inside you will find:

    • Materia medica (a thorough look at the
    • Ayurvedic energetics,
    • Nutrient profile and unique constituents,
    • Habitat,
    • Plant gifts/benefits, and
    • History & folklore!
    • 3 Herbal recipes for - infused body oil, ACV oxymel, and a tincture!
    • Food recipes including a plantain pesto! It's delicious!



    Great for oily-prone hair!

    Loved this infusion of burdock and cedarwood. This worked like a charm in a spray bottle for even distribution! Definitely made my hair feel healthy and helped regulate oils. Big fan!


    Softest Hair Ever!

    I’ve used ACV before to rinse my hair but there is something about this rinse that makes it magical. I use it once a week and I have noticed my hair is softer and has more shine to it. Living in Alberta my hair gets super dry and my scalp, my poor scalp can’t handle it. Using this rinse once a week has made all the difference. My scalp is no longer itchy and did I mention my hair smells delightful after? I love this rinse 5/5 will purchase again!


    My husband and I have both used Plantiful soaps for cleansing for a few years now. We love the soap. Never leaves our skin feeling dry. And fun to change it up every once in a while and try new ones. They all smell beautifully!

    Jen S.

    Gift for a Teacher!

    We love the Plantiful soaps so much I decided to get this one for my sons teachers thank you box. It smells incredible and I am sure she will love it as we do all the Plantiful soaps we have used.

    Jen S.

    Exactly what I was looking for

    The smell is unreal. Long lasting and no stains on clothes. Just so perfect.