Dish Brush by No Tox Life

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Getting dishes clean the plastic-free way in the kitchen never felt or looked so good!!

What's the brush made of? This removable-head dish brush made by No Tox Life has a white teakwood handle and brush head, with stiff agave fiber (vegan) plant bristles. It is held together with silver metal wire and includes a small wire loop at the end for hanging dry. Say goodbye to plastic scrubbers and plastic dish brushes! 

How to use

It can be used to wash your dishes as well as to loosen stuck on food.

  • If using with a dish soap block: Wet brush and rub onto soap bar, and scrub the dish. Reload the brush as needed with soap and continue the process to get all your dishes clean.
  • If using with liquid dish soap: Add soap to your water in the sink, and scrub the dishes.

Why it matters

When you use a plastic bristle brush, it sheds tiny pieces of plastic called microplastics. Unfortunately, these tiny plastic pieces are not filtered out fully by water/sewage treatment and end up in our ecosystem. These microplastics are being eaten by marine and land animals and are ending up in the food chain, and even our tap water too! Help us turn off the plastic tap and choose a more sustainable option for humans and the planet.

More info

It can be purchased as a single brush with the head attached or you can purchase a replacement head when needed, or if you prefer to use a scrub brush that fits in your palm for scrubbing, try out the replacement head on its own. The choice is yours!