Copper Tongue Cleaner

Copper Tongue Cleaner

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100% pure copper tongue cleaners - a gentle and simple way to experience the effects of detoxification + boost your oral, immune, and gut health. 

All of those are key to a strong and flowing lymphatic system. More and more we are hearing about how our mouth is a mirror of what's going on in the body. Plaque on your teeth can indicate plaque on your arteries too.

The technique of tongue cleaning or tongue scraping has been around for over 3000+ years originating in India with Ayurvedic Medicine and has recently gained popularity in the West for its benefits.

Benefits of Tongue Scraping:

  • Better breath - clears toxins, bacteria, and dead skin cells that can accumulate on our tongue, causing bad breath.
  • Improves our sense of taste
  • Promotes oral, immune, gut and lymphatic health
  • Stimulates our internal organs
  • Improves self-health awareness. I love this last one. By taking a couple of minutes each morning (and evening if desired) to look at and cleanse your tongue, gives your body a self-care moment. self-care = self-love! 

How to Use

Start to finish, it takes less than 2 minutes, which makes it accessible and easy to include in your morning routine.

  • Open your mouth wide and notice your tongue. Look at the colour and texture.
  • Rinse your tongue scraper under warm water.
  • Holding the handles with one in each hand, place the flat part of the tongue scraper on its edge at the back of your tongue, then gently drag it forward, then rinse the scraper again. Repeat 5-8 times.
  • Rinse your mouth with water.
  • Notice the colour and texture of your tongue.
  • Repeat daily each morning as desired.

More info

Did you know that these tongue scrapers are 100% copper, which is naturally antibacterial and won't rust. Their easy flex design means they fit any mouth.

Amp up your mouth routine by following a tongue scraping with a large class of tepid water, then brush your teeth with a clay-based remineralizing toothpaste, and using a swishing oil. You will have a healthy mouth and a glowing smile in no time.