Strawberry Moon Soap (Rosehips + Hibiscus)

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Our pure castile soap bars are multi-purpose, made WITHOUT Coconut or Palm oil (all our products are actually, which is rare to find in natural skincare) and are long-lasting!

Beautiful and sweet smelling like springtime, which is why we are calling it Strawberry moon in reverence to our springtime full moon. Made with rosehips, we forage for each fall/winter in our river valley to make our soaps, teas, and our rosehip infused oils.

Strawberry Moon Soap is made with Extra-virgin olive oil, castor oil, shea butter and/or sunflower oil, blended with: French Pink clay, powdered rosehips, rosehip infused oil, hibiscus petals, and essential oils of: sweet orange, pine, grapefruit, juniper berry, and marjoram.

"Soften your eyes, soften your heart."

Roses have a positive effect on both the physical and emotional heart.  They are calming and mood-lifting, lending us courage when we need it. The wild rose plant is our prairie provinces' emblem and I love picking both the petal and the rosehips throughout the year. In ayurvedic medicine, they are connected to the heart chakra. I hope you enjoy this soap as much as we do!

How to Use

Put the bar in your hand and run it under the water to create a lather. Alternatively, get a cloth or scrub brush wet and then rub the cloth or brush onto the soap bar to load them up with soap and do your cleaning or scrubbing. Reload the cloth or brush as needed. Ways of using this soap include:
  • hands soap for the bathroom, studio, workshop, kitchen, etc.
  • in the shower
  • travelling/camping
  • washing your dishes!!
  • spot treating your clothes, and even
  • a scent bar in your dresser drawer to freshen your clothes


Saponified Olea europea (Extra-virgin olive) oil*, castor oil*, & fair-trade shea butter*, filtered water, French pink clay*, hibiscus petals, ground rosehips*, ground rose petals*, ground cranberry powder*, essential oils of: pine*, sweet orange*, grapefruit*, juniper berry*, marjoram*, and palmarosa*. * = organic. 

More info

Weight: each bar weighs approx. (90-100g). and lasts a long time!
Each bar is unique as well as each batch and thus they may vary in coloration and detail from the pictures shown. We believe that handmade equals unique, awesome, and one-of-a-kind!

All bars are hand-cut, and come naked, unpackaged.

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