Golden Sun Soap (Calendula + Honey)

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A beautiful soothing soap made with calendula, honey, and fair-trade shea butter.

Calendula petals embody that beautiful sun energy, connecting us to our solar plexus. They are a lymphatic-loving plant full of anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin and lift the spirits in the winter. Learn more about why we love calendula here under our ingredients. 

Do you know someone with dry skin? Try this. This is an excellent soothing and gentle soap that they can use for all areas of cleaning, including washing the hair! 

Did you know that our soaps are coconut oil-free and palm oil-free? In fact, ALL our products are!

How to Use

Shampoo: Wet har, get bar wet, then scrub it onto your hair in a backward motion starting at the scalp. Then suds up your hair with your hands to create a lather. Rinse and condition your hair as needed or follow with our ACV rinses and hair oil.
Hands, bath, body: Scrub the bar with your hands where you need cleansing on your skin.
Dishwashing: Alternatively, get a cloth or scrub brush wet and then rub the cloth or brush onto the soap bar to load them up with soap and do your cleaning or scrubbing. Reload the cloth or brush as needed.

Other ways of using this soap include:
  • hand soap for the studio, workshop, kitchen, etc.
  • travelling/camping
  • spot treating your clothes, and even
  • a scent bar in your dresser drawer to freshen your clothes


    Saponified Olea Europea (Extra-virgin olive) oil*, castor oil*, & Shea butter*, filtered water, oatmeal, honey, turmeric, essential oils of spearmint*, rosemary*, bergamot*, patchouli*, chamomile*, and frankincense*.

    More info

    Weight: each bar weighs approx. (90-100g). and lasts a long time!
    Each batch and each bar is unique and thus they may vary in coloration and detail from the pictures shown. We believe that handmade equals unique, awesome, and one-of-a-kind!

    All bars are hand-cut, and are package-free.

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