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PLANTiful Apothecary

Autumn Self-Care Box

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    NEW BONUS items have now been added to the box! Check it out below!


    Does this sound like you?

    • You want to find better solutions to avoid the dryness you get on your skin, or maybe frequently get colds this time of year

    • You are looking for ways to feel rooted into the season of Autumn, so you can stop feeling scattered, ungrounded.

    • You are looking for lymph-boosting rituals to include into your self-care to get back into a healthy routine or start one!

    • You want to explore Canadian grown botanicals and herbal wellness more!

    • You want to ditch the toxic skincare routine and start fresh!

    There are many reasons people want to get one of our wellness boxes including as a gift to themselves or a loved one!


    In Ayurveda, this is the season of VATA (Ether + Air), which together can invoke a sense of change with that wonderful wind energy, which can help us feel more spacious and like we can bring forth projects, start that new thing, new ritual, get our butt in gear to go back to school or finish that course to expand our dreams! The dryness can also be very drying to our skin, respiratory, and digestive systems. So, In this box, we will be supporting that mental shift we feel and offering remedies to help ease the effects of the dryness upon us which can leave us with coughs, colds, and dry chapped lips.

    Plants that are wonderful for supporting us this time of year are: Sea Buckthorn, Calendula, Lemon Balm, and Labrador tea, Thyme, and Rose. These plant allies help bring balance to the dry, light, cold, rough, mobile energetics of Autumn known in Ayurveda as VATA, by providing nourishing, moisturizing, grounding, calming, and warming remedies.

    Want to add something extra to your box? Add it at checkout and we can add it to your box!

    Want to learn more about Autumn? Check out our new seasonal musing section further down the store page for some ideas on meals, and yoga poses you can incorporate into your daily routine.

    ITEMS in the box include:

    What's in each box? Each box will have 6-8 full-size remedies to support you wholistically, inside and out, + an information card about the seasonal plants and how to incorporate the remedies into your day. The picture below will give you an idea of what's included. There also may be some surprises not shown here!

    • Green Goddess Honey

    • Green Tea or Herbal Tea Blend w/ Sea Buckthorn leaves, Raspberry, & Red Clover, and Lemon Balm

    • Calendula Bath Bomb

    • Garlic + Mullein Ear Ache Oil

    • Pain-Away Tincture (NEW)

    • Sore Throat Spray (Thyme + Yarrow)

    • Elderberry Syrup Kit, Classic Blend w/ Cinnamon
    • And a surprise!

    WOW! The Value of this Bundle is well over $170! Several of these items are brand new! Enjoy the savings and uniqueness of this curated bundle that will ground you into Autumn ready to receive the gifts of change that the season offers.


    Great for oily-prone hair!

    Loved this infusion of burdock and cedarwood. This worked like a charm in a spray bottle for even distribution! Definitely made my hair feel healthy and helped regulate oils. Big fan!


    Softest Hair Ever!

    I’ve used ACV before to rinse my hair but there is something about this rinse that makes it magical. I use it once a week and I have noticed my hair is softer and has more shine to it. Living in Alberta my hair gets super dry and my scalp, my poor scalp can’t handle it. Using this rinse once a week has made all the difference. My scalp is no longer itchy and did I mention my hair smells delightful after? I love this rinse 5/5 will purchase again!


    My husband and I have both used Plantiful soaps for cleansing for a few years now. We love the soap. Never leaves our skin feeling dry. And fun to change it up every once in a while and try new ones. They all smell beautifully!

    Jen S.

    Gift for a Teacher!

    We love the Plantiful soaps so much I decided to get this one for my sons teachers thank you box. It smells incredible and I am sure she will love it as we do all the Plantiful soaps we have used.

    Jen S.

    Exactly what I was looking for

    The smell is unreal. Long lasting and no stains on clothes. Just so perfect.