Spruce Tips & Resin

Latin Name: Picea glauca

Common Name: White Spruce

Parts Used: tips, needles, inner bark, resin, tips, and twigs

Constituents: Beta carotene, starch, sugars, vitamin C, electrolytes, resin 

Actions: Analgesic, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, disinfectant.

Medicinal uses:  White spruce has a variety of food and medicinal uses. The spruce tips are collected in the early spring. They are pungent and bright tasting. High in Vitamin C and electrolytes make them a perfect wild food for spring cleansing and rejuvenating our bodies after winter or whenever you feel you need to detoxify. Great added to teas, salad, soups, or make a spruce tip jelly or pickle. The tips can be dried for year round use.

The resin found on the outer bark can be collected year round. It is antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, making it excellent for skin and wound repair. It is also a mild analgesic that helps relieve pain and can even be used for waterproofing fabrics. We sustainably collect the resin in and around the Edmonton area and infuse it in oil to make a pure extract for our skincare creations you will find listed at the bottom.

Topical: Body butter, body oil, balm, essential oil, hydrosol, infusions, liniment, bath soak, body scrub, etc. 

Internal: Tea, syrup, a sea salt blend, oil infusion, and more. 

Used In:  Detoxifying Body Scrub, Spruce Resin Extract, Red Skin Be Gone Balm, Ah-mazing Balm, Pain in the ... BalmFace + Hair Oil, Lip + Cheek Tint, Arnica Owie Stick.

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