Top 5 plants to Forage in your Neighbourhood

To commune with nature is to recognize we are part of nature.

I wrote this simple guide to foraging for 5 plants in and around your neighbourhood, hoping to inspire you to look beyond what are sometimes called weeds, and see the beautiful medicine and nourishment they can offer us, especially in these financially and emotionally challenging times.

Foraging is a big part of my way of life and my business.

Almost all our potions have at least one of more foraged plants in them. We include them to learn about and to commune from the plants that grow around us. for to see the plants as part of your community and a source of nourishment, is to engage in a dance of reciprocity of plants sustaining us and us sustaining the plants.

The gifts of spending time with the plants has always been more rewarding to my well-being than what fills my basket. I hope it inspires you to commune with these plants too!

Guide: Top 5 plants to forage for in your neighbourhood