"I got everything I needed and more!! Literally! The bonus gift of the bar of hand soap was icing on the cake that came with my custom order which Amy put together just for me. The entire process from beginning to end was pleasant and the product itself is superb quality. The aromas are heavenly and just so natural smelling. My skin just drinks it in. Thanks again Amy!" Ginnig

The soap smells and looks wonderful! Thank you.” Rose

I left my high tea beeswax hand cream at work and it has disappeared! Time to replenish…my co-workers have been indulging.” Robyne

"[The high tea beeswax handcream] is the best hand cream I have ever used. A lovely and unique light whipped-like texture. And I can't put it on without making friends and having to share because it smells so amazing. I've started buying them in multiples so I never have to go without. Also, the maker is fantastic. Thanks [PLANTiful]! A wonderful product." anonymous

"Thanks Amy! Best deodorant ever!" Erin

"I have been using the High Tea: Lime & Bergamot Cream on a really odd little rough callus/dry patch on my hand between my ring finger and pinky finger that I have had for 30+ years. It is almost gone! I have tried everything under the sun before now, but apparently I just had to discover [PLANTiful's] cream. So awesome!" Marissa

"I need to pass on a 5 star review of the East Meets West Body Scrub!! Two pinches of it left my skin feeling SO soft and hydrated (hooray for natural exfoliants and good oils) and the whole bathroom smelled beautiful from the lemongrass, lavender and rosemary! Even my two male roommates said the house smelled so good after." Anna

"We love your soaps! they were in all our stockings this christmas and our daughter said ” Mrs Claus sure is a talented lady, these soaps are great” (shes nine)." J