About PLANTiful

Who are the people behind PLANTiful?

PLANTiful was founded by Amy Beaith, a Health Information Specialist (MISt.), Herbalist, and Lymphedema Patient & Advocate. Amy was inspired by her own health struggles to start PLANTiful. She was at a increasing risk of chronic skin infections that greatly impacting her quality of life, and so began creating her own toxin-free natural skincare, as a way to lighten the toxin load on her lymphatic system and hopefully reduce her risk of infections. Along the way, Amy fell in love with plant potions and has been mixing and making ever since using plants as her teacher.

Who makes your products and are they handmade?

We are a small one person operation and Amy makes all the products by hand at our little apothecary, as well as labels, packages up your orders, and writes the handwritten note inside to say Thank You! Every time you buy something from us, it supports us to continue doing what we do: Zero waste, Lymph-loving, Herbal skincare.

Is everything vegan?

Not everything is vegan as we use beeswax and honey in some of our products. We source as locally as possible and ensure our beeswax and honey is coming from a sustainable local farm. We believe in locally grown ingredients and getting to know the farmers.

How do you strive to be a zero waste company?

We look at the whole picture from an ecological perspective such as sourcing our ingredients as local as possible to reduce waste. Packaging. We believe conscious products need conscious packaging. Our 2019 goal was to eliminate as much of the remaining plastic on our packaging as possible. We were able to do this with our lip balms! They used to be packaged in the standard clear plastic tubes. We had so many, we chose to use them up until we found a solution that we loved. We made the switch to paper tubes and love them! In 2020, so far we have eliminated one of the last tricky items. LIDS for our balm jars! Hallelujah! This was surprisingly challenging to find a supplier of amber glass jars with metal lids. The last remaining plastic item for us is labels. We have been switching over some of our labels to paper-based this year testing how they are working. But, some of our labels are made of vinyl and we are striving to phase the rest of the vinyl labels out this year!

    About the Products

    What are lymphatic friendly or lymph-loving products?
    What is so special about castille soap? 
    Does your deodorant actually work?
    Does your deodorant contain baking soda? Do you have deodorants without baking soda? 
    Do you have anything that will help my eczema?

    Do your products contain water? If not, why not? Isn't water good for our skin?

    What is the shelf life of your products?

    The shelf-life of our products is approx. 2 years from the date of production. 

    Why doesn't PLANTiful use CoQ 10, hyaluronic acid, peptides or other natural anti-aging solutions?


    Do you test on animals?

    No way. Nada. We care deeply about sourcing our ingredients as natural as possible and as close to use regionally as possible. None of the ingredients we use have been tested on animals, nor our products.


      • What does organic skincare actually mean?
      • What does organic skincare mean to PLANTiful?
      • Why are organic ingredients important for the skin?
      • What is whole plant processing or infusions?


      • Is putting oil on my skin going to clog my pores or make me break out?
      • How do you push up the deodorants?


      • Free Shipping. Did you know that we offer FREE shipping on orders over $100 CAD?
      • Flat Rate Shipping in Canada. We offer flat rate shipping through Canada Post. For Alberta orders less than 2kg in weight, shipping is $7.50 and orders outside that are $10 for the same weight.
      • Do you ship zero waste? We ship in compostable mailers with recyceld paper stuff. For orders shipped in boxes we use wood shavings and recycled paper to wrap orders. The boxes we use are either made from recycled content or are a box we have received something in that we reuse.

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