FAQ - Self-care Membership


Q - In the store I’m uncertain how to read the pricing. One month trial is just that one month for $15? 

Yep, when you sign up, the first month is $15, then $25 after that.

Q- The Annual is it $59 a month or a one time fee for the year as well as 4 CSA boxes?

I’m sorry this was a bit confusing, I had posted an initial option of $59/mo for an annual membership and I’m going to remove that option for now.

What I was envisioning is that if you would like to be a Herbal CSA member and received the 4 seasonal boxes + be part of the online herbal self-care membership, this would be a way to spread out the payments through the year. I can see this would be a great fit for some folks for sure. I think it makes more sense to offer this later in the year when folks are signing up for the next calendar year for 2024. So watch for this around Black Friday!

For now, if you wish to be a part of the Herbal CSA boxes + membership, you can purchase the boxes here in a bundle of 3 for the remaining 2023 season and add a membership fee of $15 for the first month, then it would be $25 for future months.


What's included in the membership?

Q - This is online once a month?

There are online gatherings once a month, but you will also have access to a resource library that you can access at any time, with handouts, recipes, and the recordings of where the online sessions will be. The resource library is under construction being loaded with content, and will be available later in August and will grow as each month continues in the membership. You are literally getting in on the ground floor and can shape the look and feel of the membership for the future! 

Q - Where will it be hosted?

I’ve been learning a new software called Circle, which allows me to host content like recordings as well as have live events, a resource library, and even a members only area like a group discussion board. Best part is it's off of Facebook and is a private community. It's accessible from your desktop community or their app too! Yay for mobile listening! More info on that coming soon!

There will be email content throughout the month on a couple occasions with recipes, seasonal tips, etc.

Q - Will there be a recording if I can’t make it?

Yep! I’ll record the sessions and make them available in a library for you to view anytime! 


Cancellation Policy

Q - What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel at anytime, but in order not to be charged for the next month, you would need to cancel before the 25th of the current month. You would keep your access until the end of the month I believe.

 You lose access to all the benefits in the membership like handouts, videos, community discussion board, etc. when you cancel.

If you cancel, there will be a survey to fill out (optional) to help us understand what we could do better.


Q - What are your thoughts on someone outside of Alberta, specifically the Kootenays, BC or Vancouver Island, doing this?

Q - Will the plant info be appropriate or does it make more sense to stay local?

Great question. The plants I will be including are native or weeds in the boreal forest, parkland regions and would be appropriate to Alberta, BC, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan 

So far I have folks from Ontario, Alberta, and BC who have joined! Amazing!

Q - Who is a great fit for the membership?

  • Plant people who wish to deepen their knowledge paired with seasonal understandings and wisdom
  • Want to stop digging through the internet and wondering if you have found something legit or not
  • Anyone interested in seasonal living who is in search of studied guidance and wishes to learn how to embody the knowledge through activities, recipes, and community.
  • People looking to approach chronic health challenges in a different way. To get off the struggle bus. To focus less on fixing yourself, and focus more on living in a state of rhythm or ebb and flow with Mother Earth. Healthcare can feel compartmentalized, and system-oriented, where we focus on one part and not the whole or the root of what's happening.
  • People who are open to or who are already exploring a more relational way in engaging with our human, modern world.

Q - Who is the membership NOT a good fit for?

  • If you are searching for certification, licensure, or professional credentials in herbalism or seasonal self-care.
  • You’re only interested in ‘x’ herb for ‘y’ problem/symptom of herbalism or engaging with herbs via extraction rather than reciprocal relationship with them.
  • You oppose the world view that sees plants as beings, and don’t embrace the idea that we are a part of nature and do naturally ebb and flow with the energetics of the seasons too.
  • You are a practitioner who wishes to create their own courses and offerings for your niche with these materials. - reach out for professional mentorship in the future with me instead.

Q - when does it start?

We begin The week of August 8th, after the august long weekend.

Q - When will the first live session be held?

It will be between August 10th - 18th. 

I am hoping to do this during the evening. Around 6:30 pm, MST, so that potentially it won’t be too late for folks in Ontario (8:30 MST), or too early for BC folks (5:30) in case. You are working a usual 9-5 schedule. 

Q - How long will the live sessions be?

The live sessions will be approx 1.5-2 hours

Q - Can I bring a friend?

I would love it if you invited your friends to become members too and you can experience herbal self-care together!

I’m working on creating an affiliate option, in the future, so you could get a discount for yourself for getting a friend to sign up!

If you are interested in this option, let me know!