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Welcome! I'm Amy, the Herbalist, Lymphie, and Wellness Educator behind PLANTiful Apothecary. 

What do we make?

PLANTiful Apothecary is a place that invites you to experience local plants through skincare and wellness products tied to seasonal rituals.
Our potions include traditional folklore remedies such as balms, tinctures, castille soaps, and more. We aim to show you how simple remedies can be multi-purpose and go a long way on your healing and wellness journey.
Where are you located?
We are a home-based business with a dedicated kitchen for our PLANTiful Apothecary. We have an online shop, which you are visiting right now. 
Zero-waste Packaging
We package and label our products mindfully in glass containers with paper-based labels. There is so much healing in the plants right beneath our feet. We forage for many botanicals and have local farmers who grow botanicals for us. A local, circular, zero-waste economy is something we strive to create and be a part of.

What inspires you? What education and training do you have?

We draw our folklore wisdom from Celtic, Energetic, North American herbalism, Ayurveda. I created PLANTiful to help me manage my own chronic lymphatic disease called Primary Lymphedema.  In addition to learning to thrive with a chronic condition that affects my skin, immunity, digestion, and energy, I draw my inspiration from my science background and experience of working as a Medical Librarian and Researcher at various universities and hospitals in Canada for many years.

The Magic of Seasonal Lymphatic Wellness

I believe we are all on a wellness journey that is ongoing, ebbing and flowing with the seasons happening around and inside us. Life will always throw us curve balls, moments of joy, and lots of mundane moments in the middle.  Seasonal self-care recognizes that we are not the same person in the Spring as we are in the Winter, Summer, or Autumn. Nature around us changes as do we, because we are nature. Learning to ebb and flow with the seasons, is empowering and enables you to get to know your body better, as well as anticipate your needs better. This can be so empowering!  As you get to know how to support yourself and find your balance, you will unlock your keys to your health. It's how I came to find my healthy self and continue to do so, by following the wisdom of the plants and embracing the seasons and I believe you can too.
Have questions? Fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you shortly!

With Love, Amy Beaith-Johnson
Herbalist, Lymphie + Creator of PLANTiful Apothecary
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