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Just Breathe Vapour Balm

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Just Breathe Vapour Balm

The perfect natural remedy to help ease coughs and congestion!

A thick balm made with beeswax, eucalyptus infused sunflower oil*, fair trade unrefined shea butter*, wildflower honey*, and an immune boosting blend of essential oils to help open up your airways includes: eucalyptus*, rosemary*, japanese peppermint* (prized for its high menthol content), lavender*, tea tree*, cajeput*, and ravensara*. 

Directions: apply on chest, neck and back to help ease coughing and congestion.

Pro tip! For a herbal treatment called the 'wet sock' or 'cold sock' treatment: Wet a cotton pair of socks with cold water. Rub vapour balm on soles of feet, place the wet cold socks on your feet, then cover your wet socks and feet with warm wool socks, bundle yourself up in blankets/sweaters and head to bed to let the body rest and recuperate. How does it work? The coolness of the vapour balm and the socks trick your body into raising your body temperature and help your body sweat it out. The increased heat helps your body attack the virus and pathogens causing the cold or flu in you.

Want to try this with kids? We recommend skipping the wet sock part and just rub the balm on their feet, then warm socks and tuck them into bed.

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