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Sweet lips - beeswax herbal lip butters!

Sweet lips - beeswax herbal lip butters!

These lip butters are truly the best!

Their natural formulation using beeswax, nut butters, and essential oils help protect you from the elements, soothe dry chapped skin, and soften your lips!

Why beeswax?
Beeswax has been used in skincare for centuries for it's incredible healing powers. Unlike synthetic waxes, or petroleum based products, beeswax on a microscopic level, has a fine mesh web structure, which when applied to the skin, helps create a waxy layer, but still allows skin to breathe! Our body is able to absorb beeswax and incorporate it into our skin, making it softer and helping heal any dryness. Say goodbye to chapped dry, sore lips!

What's in my lip butters?
These lip butters are made by combining beeswax & fair-trade, organic shea, cocoa, and mango butters with my own herbal-infused organic extra-virgin olive oil, Alberta wildflower honey, and essential oils to create a powerful lip butter that won’t let you down!

- Sweet Orange: wildflower beeswax, mango butter, sweet orange essential oil & wildflower honey
- Glacial Mint: Wildflower beeswax, cocoa butter, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender essential oils, & wildflower honey
- Vanilla, Clove, and Lime: Wildflower beeswax, shea butter, wildflower honey, vanilla, clove bud, and lime essential oils
- This Earl is Not Grey: Wildflower beeswax, shea butter, wildflower honey, bergamot, lime, and grapefruit essential oils

NOTE: This listing is for 1 lip butter. of your choice. If you would like one of each, see our listing for the lip butter collection.

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