Body Butter - It's Time to Bloom

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It's delightful, uplifting, and will awake the love in your heart as you tend to your loving body! Moments of self-care are like little love notes to your body. 

In Ayurveda, to OIL the body is to LOVE the body..

Our simple, effective body butter anhydrous (oils only) formulation is made with:

  • Fair-trade, organic shea butter (rich in nutrients, anti-inflammatory, sun-protective)
  • Plant oils: extra-virgin olive oil, raspberry seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, sea buckthorn oil (rich in nutrients and nourishing)
  • Botanicals: Rose petals, calendula, comfrey leaf, horsetail, rosehips (for their vitamin-rich, skin restorative properties like helping with collagen production)
  • Wildflower honey (delicious for the skin!)
  • French Pink clay, and
  • Essential oils of: sweet orange, lavender, lime, juniper berry, and ginger (beautiful scent & great for the lymphatics)


Made with organic, fair-trade Shea Butter, plus our own herbal infused organic olive & sunflower oils, raspberry seed oil, dandelion extract*, spruce resin extract*, meadowfoam oil*, sea buckthorn oil*, calendula extract*, essential oils of: lavender, sweet orange, pink grapefruit, blue cypress, juniper berry, marjoram, ginger, and palmarosa*.

How to Apply

Scoop out a small amount and massage into the skin. Whisper the words I love you to your body for a full mind-body experience. It will soak in, leaving your skin soft and moisturized. This also makes an excellent product to put on after time in the sun, especially if you got a burn due to its high amount of Shea Butter and other sun protective ingredients like raspberry seed oil. The ingredients help soothe the skin, reduce inflammation, and return moisture to the skin. Give it a try as part of your skincare routine!


We are offering 2 sizes at this time which include a new trial size (2 oz glass jar) and a large size (8 oz glass jar)

More info

Many creams on the market are made with water-based ingredients. in fact, up to 70% of the content might be water! It's often why creams are so cheap too. Products formulated with water, need preservatives to keep the product from spoiling and growing mold, but preservatives are toxic to our skin, disrupt our skin microbiome,  and are difficult for our lymphatic system and liver to remove from our bodies.

Oil, on the other hand, protects, nourishes, and repairs our skin's microbiome, and acid mantle. It works with our natural sebum made by the skin

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