Castille Soap + Shampoo Bar: Detoxifying + Purifying

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Your plastic-free, organic cleansing ritual starts here.

Our Unique Castille Soap + shampoo bars are made with pure extra-virgin olive oil and organic castor oil, Canadian sunflower oil, botanicals + a special blend of essential oils.

  • Size: 90-100g/bar
  • Number of washes: several months if you keep the bar dry between washes. 
  • Colour: A beautiful grayish-green


    This unique detoxifying blend is made with detoxifying Canadian glacial clay, high in trace minerals and like magnesium and blended with purifying essential oils of lemon, cedar, and sage.

    It will give you soft, clean hair + skin with a gentle scent!  Follow with an apple cider vinegar rinse and our face + hair oil for a superb experience.

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    No more needing to wash every day. Yep, it's true. When you start using our shampoo bars, you will need to use less and less product over time on your hair. Saving you so much $$. Once you truly clean without harsh detergents, your scalp will get into balance and you will have shiny, healthy hair and be able to go several days between washes! See our blog post for tips on transitioning to a shampoo bar!

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