GREEN TEA BLEND - Glow from the Inside Out

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We have made a unique herbal & green tea blend perfect for springtime, providing nourishment to your gut, to help you lay a strong, calm foundation, and tap into your intuition. The herbs in this blend align with the solar plexus and our heart chakras.

There is a strong connection between our gut, mental, skin, and lymphatic health. 90% of our serotonin is made in the gut, and 70% of our lymphatic tissue is in the gut. A healthy gut is a key to overall health and will help you start glowing from the inside out!

Taste notes: Herbaceous, gentle green tea. Using a young green tea, the tannin taste typical of older green tea of black tea, is mild.


  • Wild Raspberry leaf - rich in minerals like iron, foraged from the wild. 
  • Lemon balm - calming and joyful, plus helpful for cold sores
  • Rose petals - soft, gentle nourishment for skin & gut. Helps you tap into your heart desires.
  • Calendula - sunny & uplifting lymphatic herb, and anti-inflammatory skin herb
  • Horsetail - Rich in silica & mineral salts, this one helps us build collagen and replenish our electrolytes.
  • Fennel - wonderful digestive herb for nourishing & building the gut
  • Wild mint from my garden, digestive supporting, tasty herb
  • Chamomile - calming and digestive herb
  • Green Tea - Young Hyson - excellent for skin health & gives a little energy boost.

How to use

Scoop 2 tsp - 1 tbsp. into a tea ball or strainer. Place in a mug & pour freshly boiled water over and steep for 5 min or so. Wonderful with a teaspoon of honey stirred in.


Packaged in compostable, resealable pouches 

  • Trial size (20g)
  • Full size (50g)

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