Check out some new products launched in fall/winter of 2017!

We designed these products with the goal of soothing the skin and the mind.

We are offering for the first time, and by popular request, two diffuser blends: boreal forest experience and immune boost. Both blends will whisk you away and make your environment one with soothing and calming vibes. Try boreal forest experience to freshen the air, calm the spirit and provide grounding and focus to your day. Try immune boost when you are feeling run down and need some clean air to freshen your space and tell those cold germs to get lost!

Other new items perfect for our cooler winter months are 3 new body scrubs which are an excellent tool to have on hand for tackling dry winter skin. yes, really. They exfoliate teh top layer, allowing the key nutrients and oils to soak in and moisturize. Plus, they stimulate our circulation and lymphatic system which are helpful especially in winter when our bodies can get overburdened with stress and run down.

Also, check out new pain relief oil made from locally harvest aspen buds and blended with arnica, peppermint, and grapefruit to offer soothing relief to joint and muscle pain.


We guarantee that we will always produce a product with both the health of people and the planet in mind!
We believe in sustainability and transparency, using only natural ingredients and our labels will list every ingredient that is in our products, guaranteed!


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