One of my missions behind my products is to create lymphatic loving blends that are nourishing + repairing for the skin. As a lymphie, I know all too well the challenges we can face with keeping our skin

  • clean,
  • moisturized, and
  • prevent infection and wound care
  • but also the physical pain that can come with swelling.

Some refer to the lymphatic system as our inner ocean, our mirror of health. It delivers our immune fighting cells to the site of infection. It delivers water, nutrients, fats, proteins from our digestive system and takes them all the way to our cells farther than the blood can reach. It takes toxins away to be processed by our skin, liver, and kidneys. It works with SO many other systems like the immune, digestive, skeletal, and circulatory to name a few, which isn't really surprising when you think about the fact that we are 70%+ water!

The skincare products below help support a healthy lymphatic system!