Deodorant - Uncomplicatedly awesome & organic

Deodorant - Uncomplicatedly awesome & organic

This deodorant is so good it needed a good name! Hence the 'uncomplicatedly awesome' part.
The name has more meaning than that too. It's a very simple list of ingredients, which in combination, all work together to help combat odour and leave you feeling fresh all day without any of those nasty ingredients found in many deodorants!


Ingredient List

What you WILL find in my product: Fair-trade organic shea butter, Alberta wildflower beeswax, organic castor oil, baking soda, organic arrowroot powder, and organic essential oils.

You WON'T find any of the following in this deodorant: propylene glycol, aluminum, fragrance, parabens, propanediol, laurates, hormone disruptors: glyceryl, -pheryl, -butyl, and other nasty synthetic ingredients.

Scent choices
1) Lavender & Lemongrass (lavender & lemongrass essential oils). Calming & uplifting smell!
2) Boreal Forest Musk (vetiver*, vanilla, cedarwood atlas*, ylang ylang, frankicense*, bitter orange*, tea tree*, & patchouli* essential oils) Grounding, earth loving, musk scent perfect for a man or woman.
3) Rosemary & Mint (rosemary* & peppermint essential oils) Rosemary & mint are cooling and will leave you feeling fresh, especially after a workout!
* = organic, wild-harvested

More info

Container: 60g. It will last you a long time!                                                                          

NEW! Our deodorants now come in a 100% recyclable cardboard push tube. They are easy to use, sturdy, and green packaging that you can feel good about! 

What are people saying about it?
"I am a midwife and I told you I was looking for a natural deodorant that works! I can't THANK YOU enough!!! I am so pleased with your product! I have been using it all week and I had a 20 hour day on Tuesday (clinic + birth) and did not even think to re-apply my deodorant - but guess what !?! I didn't have to! When I went to bed at 3:30 AM I did the sniff test and to my pleasant surprise, I actually didn't stink! In my midwifery career thus far....that was a FIRST! So congrats on your product - I have the mint rosemary deodorant and I can guarantee you that I will be wanting more!!!! By the case load!", Chantal

"Don't stop making this. I just love it!" Erin

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We guarantee that we will always produce a product with both the health of people and the planet in mind!
We believe in sustainability and transparency, using only natural ingredients and our labels will list every ingredient that is in our products, guaranteed!


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