Wool Dryer Balls. Set of 3

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Wool Dryer Balls. Set of 3

Want soft clothes, but don't want a polluted laundry room to get it? Want to save money on your laundry bills too? Here is a simple eco-friendly solution! Wool Dryer Balls! 

What are wool dryer balls?
These all natural, handmade balls are made from 100% Canadian wool. I hand wind the balls using 100% Canadian roving wool, which is to give the balls a bit of weight so they will bounce in the dryer, then I wet felt the outside to make a smooth colourful surface and to prevent the balls from unwinding and to ensure they last a really long time!

How do they work?
Wool has antistatic properties from its natural oils and nature of the fibre. Plus, wool is absorbent, so it helps absorb the moisture in the dryer released by your clothes in the dryer process. So, all these factors together = soft, static-free clothing, and 30% shorter drying time. Neat eh?

How long do they last?
A really long time! These balls are completely re-usable, meaning you really can use them OVER and OVER and OVER! We generally say about 100 loads plus!

What are people saying?
"Thank you! I've never been more excited to go home and do laundry!" Robin
"I love these and came back to get more. I've even got my mom using them!" Cynthia

We guarantee that we will always produce a product with both the health of people and the planet in mind!
We believe in sustainability and transparency, using only natural ingredients and our labels will list every ingredient that is in our products, guaranteed!


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