ACV Herbal Hair Rinses

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Made with Edmonton grown apples that we crush and ferment into apple cider vinegar, then infuse it with local herbs and plants. It's a rinse like no other! From harvest to production, we are all in and involved in every step of the process.

Apple cider is excellent for the hair for many reasons:

  • Strengthens hair - reduces brittleness & split ends  
  • Clarifies & conditions the hair/scalp
  • Decreases tangles
  • Removes residue & improves shine
  • Works wonderfully with our solid shampoo bars!


Cedarwood + Burdock

Pyrus Malus (apple) vinegar*, Urtica dioica (Nettle) leaves*, Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion) Leaf*, Rosa canina (Rose) petals*, Arctium Lappa (Burdock) Root*, Equisetum Arvense (Horsetail)*, Mentha piperita (Peppermint) leaves*, Symphytum officinale (Comfrey) leaves*, and essential oils of: Citrus sinensis (Sweet Orange)*, Cedrus atlantica (Cedarwood Atlas)*, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary)*, Mentha arvensis (Japanese Peppermint)*, and Juniperus communis (Juniper Berry)*.

Lavender + Chamomile

Pyrus Malus (apple) vinegar*, Calendula officinalis (Calendula) flowers, Rosa canina (Rose) petals*, Matricaria recutita (Chamomile) flowers, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) flowers, Plantago major (Plantain)*, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) leaves*, Salvia officinalis (Sage) leaves*, Medica Limonium (Lemon peel)*, essential oils of: Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender)*, Cymbopogon schoenanthus (Lemongrass)*, and Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree)*. * = organic and/or wild-harvested.

How to Apply

This vinegar is concentrated and should be diluted before applying to the hair/scalp. Dilute into a container/squeeze bottle to take into the shower/bath with you. Pour or spray onto hair after shampooing. 1-4 tbsp. vinegar rinse to 8 oz. warm water dilution. Leave in the hair a few minutes before rinsing out. Be careful to avoid contact with the eyes.


Packaged in 250mL oblong flask amber glass bottles. Sophisticated and practical. Reuse, recycle or refill when finished. The product contains 25-40 rinses. 

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