Our Castille soaps are inspired by soaps made by hand in Marseille, France. Made with 100% plant oils and botanicals. We include something locally grown in each bar to give your skin the most bio-regional nourishing experience!

We make ours using a cold-process (meaning we don't heat up the soap to speed up its curing time and compromising its antioxidants). 

Favourite ways to use our bars:

  • washing hands
  • as a body soap in the bath or shower
  • the perfect travel soap - vacation, gym, backcountry camping
  • treat spots and stains on clothing
  • as a drawer refresher for clothes or seasonal bins like when putting away summer/winter clothes
  • DISHES! Use it to wash your dishes instead of a liquid soap. 

PRO TIP! One thing you will notice is that our bars are lower sudsing than commercial soaps bars. We've been conditioned to think more bubbles means more clean. But if you try our bars you will see clean is possible without a lot of bubbles. :)

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