Autumn is a time of transition and can bring the winds of change.

We feel the coolness and crispness in the air ushering in the feelings of change. In Ayurvedic medicine perspective, Autumn is a time when Vata energy increases, which is cool, dry, and changing. Vata energy has the elements of Air and Ether

It is also the time of harvest and abundance in the northern hemisphere, where we can collect the abundance of that summer Pitta energy that has transformed our garden, giving us a bounty of hearty vegetables, herbs, and fruits to fill our stores to get us through the autumn and winter. 

We have curated a collection of items to help your body feel supported and balanced in this season. Wellness comes from the inside out, which is why our boxes now include remedies to take internally as well as support your skin externally. 

To nourish/repair from the inside out:

  • The Be Calm Tincture is a favourite for soothing anxiety, and helping you fall into a more deep rest at night.
  • Rooted Tincture - Work with Dandelion, Burdock, Poplar, and Cleavers to root down, cleanse, and support your digestion as we head into autumn
  • The Autumn Calm Tea comes in a green tea version and an herbal caffeine-free version made with calming Labrador Tea leaves, Sea buckthorn leaves, and delicious red clover, and red raspberry leaves. 
  • Herbal Cafe Mocha - This has become a year-round staple, but I especially love it in the seasonal transitions of Spring and Autumn. To work with the energetics of Burdock and Dandelion, with the chocolate and cinnamon, is delicious way to root down, cleanse, and bring calm energy to your body!

To nourish/repair from the outside in:

  • Calendula bath bombs (Available first in our Autumn Wellness boxes!)
  • Tallow Deodorants - Made with Clay and arrowroot Powder. These baking soda-free deodorants are moisturizing, and work to help your pores detox as well as help you not notice your sweating at all!
  • Tallow balms - nourishing, collagen-boosting, and made with bio-regional grass-fed tallow from Four Whistle Farms!
  • Herbal-infused skin sticks are back! We have Balsam Poplar, Earl Grey, and Encourage-MINT in stock!
  • and more!
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