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PLANTiful Apothecary

Seasonal Self-care Membership

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    Gain greater insight into your body's natural cycles and find harmony with the passing of the seasons with a Seasonal Self-care Membership.

    Each month, get the scoop on one plant's medicinal properties and energetics, how to gather and prep, recipes, self-care rituals, seasonal cycles, and cyclical rhythms of the earth.

    Check out this short video that introduces the membership!


    What's included?

    Founding members of this Seasonal Self-care Membership will enjoy exclusive perks:

    • First month for only $15 and access to all prior month's content.
    • Pro-tips from an experienced bio-regional herbalist and chronic disease warrior on how to use plants and make the most of seasonal living in the Northern Hemisphere.
    • Recipes each month to craft your own home apothecary, plus
    • Weekly lessons delivered to your inbox giving you the ability to learn at your own pace.
    • Participate in monthly online gatherings with the entire group on the new moon (replays available), and
    • Special guest offerings and extra resources (Fall/Winter 2023). A virtual library of plant profiles will also be available this Fall 2023. Additionally, engage in a discussion space to connect with other like-minded people, ask questions, share ideas, and more. Plus, take advantage of the chance to receive answers from the expert. Get in on the ground floor and influence the membership's future!

    Who is it for?

    • Plant people who wish to deepen their knowledge paired with seasonal understandings and wisdom
    • You live a very busy lifestyle and crave a connection to nature to help you ground, and balance your life with more calmness.
    • Want to stop digging through the internet for herbal recipes and plant wisdom, wondering if you have found something legit or not?
    • Anyone interested in seasonal living who is in search of studied guidance and wishes to learn how to embody the knowledge through activities, recipes, and community.
    • People looking to approach chronic health challenges in a different wayTo get off 'the struggle bus' as I say. To focus less on fixing yourself, and focus more on living in a state of rhythm or ebb and flow with Mother Earth. Healthcare can feel compartmentalized, and system-oriented, where we focus on one part and not the whole or the root of what's happening. Integrative approaches of healing can bring great results and an improved understanding of your body.
    • People who are open to or who are already exploring a more relational way of engaging with our human, modern world.

    Who is the membership NOT for?

    • If you are searching for certification, licensure, or professional credentials in herbalism.
    • You’re only interested in ‘x’ herb for ‘y’ problem/symptom of herbalism or only engaging with herbs via extraction rather than a reciprocal relationship with them. This can definitely be helpful when considering herbs, but there is so much more to herbalism!
    • You don’t embrace the idea that we are a part of nature and naturally ebb and flow with the energetics of the seasons too.
    • You are a practitioner who wishes to create your own courses and offerings for your niche with these materials. Reach out for professional mentorship in the future with me instead.


    EMPOWER $15/mo

    This tier offers reduced pricing to ensure accessibility for individuals from disadvantaged communities, including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and those with disabilities. This price is also available to those who have signed up for the 2023 Herbal CSA seasonal box program.

    BALANCE - $25/mo

    Join our community at the suggested price, supporting the collective effort to make self-care accessible to everyone.

    ABUNDANCE - $44/mo

    Choose this tier to empower the accessibility of self-care resources for individuals from disadvantaged communities, while also sustaining our initiatives.


    Have questions? I'm sure you do!

    I'm happy to tell you more about it and answer any questions you might have!


    Great for oily-prone hair!

    Loved this infusion of burdock and cedarwood. This worked like a charm in a spray bottle for even distribution! Definitely made my hair feel healthy and helped regulate oils. Big fan!


    Softest Hair Ever!

    I’ve used ACV before to rinse my hair but there is something about this rinse that makes it magical. I use it once a week and I have noticed my hair is softer and has more shine to it. Living in Alberta my hair gets super dry and my scalp, my poor scalp can’t handle it. Using this rinse once a week has made all the difference. My scalp is no longer itchy and did I mention my hair smells delightful after? I love this rinse 5/5 will purchase again!


    My husband and I have both used Plantiful soaps for cleansing for a few years now. We love the soap. Never leaves our skin feeling dry. And fun to change it up every once in a while and try new ones. They all smell beautifully!

    Jen S.

    Gift for a Teacher!

    We love the Plantiful soaps so much I decided to get this one for my sons teachers thank you box. It smells incredible and I am sure she will love it as we do all the Plantiful soaps we have used.

    Jen S.

    Exactly what I was looking for

    The smell is unreal. Long lasting and no stains on clothes. Just so perfect.