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09 Nov '11

History of the Fu Manchu & Other Moustache Styles

So, all our guys out there are growing their moustaches, and maybe haven't decided quite what type they want yet...well here is a catalogue post of lots of interesting mo-staches! Thanks wikipedia! According to the World Beard and Moustache Championships there are 6 sub-categories for moustaches, but you are probably more familiar with the styles called "other" like the Fu Manchu, the Handlebar, the Horshoe, etc. which are listed further down in my post.
  • Natural – Moustache may be styled without aids.
  • Mexican – Big and bushy, beginning from the middle of the upper lip and pulled to the side. The hairs are allowed to start growing from up to a maximum of 1.5 cm beyond the end of the upper lip.
  • Dalí – narrow, long points bent or curved steeply upward; areas past the corner of the mouth must be shaved. Artificial styling aids needed. Named after Salvador Dalí.
  • English Moustache – narrow, beginning at the middle of the upper lip the whiskers are very long and pulled to the side, slightly curled; the ends are pointed slightly upward; areas past the corner of the mouth usually shaved. Artificial styling may be needed.
  • Imperial – whiskers growing from both the upper lip and cheeks, curled upward (distinct from the royale, orimpériale)
  • Freestyle – All moustaches that do not match other classes.
  Other types of moustaches:
  • Fu Manchu – long, downward pointing ends, generally beyond the chin;
The Fu Manchu moustache derives its name from the fictional character who wears such a moustache in the british serial The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu circa 1923.
  • 'Pancho Villa' moustache – similar to the Fu Manchu but thicker; also known as a "droopy moustache", generally much more so than that normally worn by the historical Pancho Villa.
  • Handlebar – bushy, with small upward pointing ends. See baseball pitcher Rollie Fingers. Also known as a "spaghetti moustache", because of its stereotypical association with Italian men.
  • Horseshoe – Often confused with the Fu Manchu style, the horseshoe was possibly popularized by modern cowboys and consists of a full moustache with vertical extensions from the corners of the lips down to the jawline and resembling an upside-down horseshoe. Also known as "biker moustache".
  • Pencil moustache – narrow, straight and thin as if drawn on by a pencil, closely clipped, outlining the upper lip, with a wide shaven gap between the nose and moustache, widely recognized as being the moustache of choice for the fictional character Gomez Addams in the 1990s series of films based on The Addams Family. Also known as a Mouth-brow, worn by John WatersSean Penn and Chris Cornell.
  • Chevron – thick and wide, usually covering the top of the upper lip. Comedian Jeff Foxworthy and NASCAR driver Richard Petty wear Chevrons.
  • Toothbrush – thick, but shaved except for about an inch (2.5 cm) in the center; associated with: Hitler, Charlie Chaplin, and Michael Jordan.
  • Walrus – bushy, hanging down over the lips, often entirely covering the mouth. Worn by John Bolton, Friedrich Nietzche, and  Dick Strawbridge.
My moustache wax is ready and will be packaged up tonight! Look for me at Make it Edmonton. I will be gifting a moustache wax for the silent auction too! It's mo-mazing!

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