March is World Lymphedema Month -  Let's Celebrate!!

March is World Lymphedema Month - Let's Celebrate!!

When I look back to being a kid with Lymphedema which started at age 5, I never would have thought I would have ended up here, a Lymphatic Herbalist and advocate for Lymphedema, but I'm so glad I did! Sometimes our pain becomes our purpose or drives us to be the best version of ourselves, to make a path so that others can be inspired to find their way.

March 6th is World Lymphedema day with celebrations and events all over the world, and online, meaning you could literally attend something everyday and learn and meet new folks from all over the world! I've heard that Calgary Tower will turn Teal in honour of the day. I hope the Alberta Parliament buildings will turn Teal one day too in honour of the day. My mission for next year. This year I'm in the depths of recovery after my novel lymphatic microsurgery, which I'm so grateful for! 


I am doing an online event with fellow Lymphedema advocate Amanda Sobey, a personal trainer in Manitoba who is a strong advocate and wonderful person to know. She is hosting a month long celebration of live interviews with advocates and will have giveaways of various lymphedema garments and tools from suppliers who donated for the month. Such a stellar idea! We are giving away a Lymph Well Gift Box full of some of our favourite products and tools that day (March 16)! Follow along on @am.sobey on IG and facebook to make sure to enter to win.

We are also celebrating by offering 20% off our online store for our entire collection for the month! (Discount applied automatically at checkout)

At the end of the month we will be donating a % of our profits to the Alberta Lymphedema Association and the Canadian Lymphedema Framework to help them continue to advocate for patients like myself.

Check out these amazing lymphedema thrivers & advocates from around the world:

  • IG accounts @am.sobey @lymphiestrong, @Lymphedemapodcast, @theprocess2progress, @kaztalks, @lymphielife @ninjas_fighting_lymphedema, @thisisamyrivera, @stile_compresso, @thelymphaticmessage, @conversationalywl, @cameronayala, and many more including myself @nourishedlymph.

Folks doing giveaways and fundraisers for the month are @am.sobey, @lymphedemapodcast, @brylansfeatfoundation, @plantiful.apothecary  


  • LE&RN (Lymphedema Education & Research Network) @lymphaticnet
  • Canadian Lymphedema Framework
  • Alberta Lymphedema Association
  • Brylan's Feat Foundation (raising awareness about pediatric lymphedema and run a children's camp just for lymphies!)
  • Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema 

Peace out and have a lovely month of March! We are taking it easy delving into the world of lymphedema awareness and taking some needed self-care recovery time following surgery!

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