Why Does Living Seasonally Matter?

Why Does Living Seasonally Matter?

Living in rhythm with the seasons help us remember and connect with that innate intelligence within us, that we ARE nature. That we ebb and flow just like the living environment around us. 

Our gardens, parks, cities, are not the same in the winter as they are in the spring and neither are we. Nature has natural cycles of growth and expansion as well as rest and nurturing. When we honour that, we're better able to let ourselves have periods of productivity and periods of rest. Flowers don't bloom all the time at the same time, right, why should we expect ourselves to? They must rest in the deep darkness of the wet mud as seeds before they can bloom and push forth into something new, then once again turn to seed and wait for the winds of change to blow them back to the ground and soil to rest again, waiting and resting and nurturing before they once again transform. It's such a beautiful reminder when spring comes that life renews itself, evolves with time, and we can too!

So, how did I come to believe all these things? It started all with foraging for herbs through the seasons. By following my favourite plants through the seasons and noticing what they are doing in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. 

A I began foraging and connecting with locally grown herbs and plants, it allowed b to tap into that rhythm of nature and out of the expectation that I should be able to get dried Calendula any time of year. 

Our modern society really expects us to alway feel on, being productive throughout the year each and every day. Now more than ever I think it's important to remember how to turn off and rest and that it's okay to do that and essential in order to be productive.

Living seasonally applies to us on a wholistic level physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. You are a whole person having a whole body experience in response to the changes around you. 


How can you live more seasonally?

  • Grow something from seed and watch this being transform before your eyes. Enjoy the plant energy and delight in it' gifts
  • Eat locally & shop locally. Get to know some farmers at your local farmers market and shop what's in season. Added benefits of doing this is that there is less supply chain issues and more money stays in your local community.
  • Forage for something around your neighbourhood like dandelion greens, spruce tips, 
  • Tap into the energetics of the season at hand. In winter, rest more, go to bed earlier. In spring, think about the seeds (physical and idea seeds), that you want to plant and nurture them to help bring them forth throughout the year
  • Order our seasonal wellness boxes that have a variety of products to connect you to the energetics of the seasons! 

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