6 reasons you should switch to bar soap + 8 ways to use them! UPDATED!

6 reasons you should switch to bar soap + 8 ways to use them! UPDATED!

Our bar soaps are true castille soaps:

But what are castille soaps? Castille soap or sometimes spelled Castile soap is a soap made entirely of vegetable oils.

Originally it meant it was an olive oil soap of 75% or higher in content and other oils making up the rest. Nowadays they are often made with palm oil, coconut oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, you name it, you might find it in there.

We DON'T use palm oil in ANY of our products for environmental, health, and human rights reasons. Palm oil hhas become such as common ingredients in packaged foods and goods in our modern world, that it takes time and effort to find things without it!  But it's not needed and our earth and animals inhabitating it would be a whole lot better off if we STOPPED using palm oil all together. You will find it in many bar and liquid soaps, plus almost everything from fast food, packaged foods like cookies and granola bars, toothpaste, personal care products, and more. It's crazy. 

6 reasons to switch to bar soap:

  • Saves you money! It costs about ten times as much to wash your hands with liquid soap than bar soap. Crazy, right?! which leads to our next reason...
  • Bar soap lasts MUCH longer! - Did you know that bar soap will last you on average 6 TIMES longer than liquid soap??! 
  • PLASTIC-FREE - we package our bars in paper with a paper label. Zero plastic here.
  • Simple ingredients - Our soaps contain much fewer ingredients than conventional body soaps.
  • No spills! Easy to carry with you - no more leaked bottles in your gym or travel bags!
  • Preservative & toxin-free unlike our liquid soap counterparts that often contain parabens, and preservatives.


How do we make our castille soap?

We make ours following an ancient, slow process method that relies on TIME. A precious commodity, but we believe it's important not to rush the process with heat or chemicals because if you do, the rich botanicals and antioxidants are compromised. We use a mixer, and our hands sometimes. Simple, easy, and effective. The result is a cleaner, gentler, truer soap that cleans and WON'T dry out your skin. If you always are struggling with dry skin, give our bars a try. They are worth it and long-lasting. 


8 things to do with castille soap:

  • Washing hands in the bathroom or kitchen
  • body soap for the shower
  • Pretreat stains before they go in the wash
  • Take it camping, traveling - it's airplane friendly and backcountry safe.
  • Place in your clothes drawer to give your clothes a fresh smell and keep moths away
  • Shampoo bar!
  • DISHES! Yes, you can use our bar soap like a traditional Marseille soap or french block soap and wash dishes, counters, and even kids with it. They used to have a big block of soap by the kitchen sink that was used for anything and everything. No more special liquid soap for dishes, then another for hands, and another soap for scrubbing counters. This soap can do it all! Go minimalist and it saves you $$ and keeps your counter tidy with less stuff on it.

How do you use it for washing dishes?!

Here are my tips!

Fill your sink with warm/hot water and dishes to pre-soak if you choose, OR,

Fill your sink, and while running the water, hold the bar under the running water. THEN,

Grab a scrub brush or a washcloth, get it wet, then rub the brush or cloth onto the soap block to get it sudsy with soap. Then wash your dishes with it. Load up your cloth or scrub brush again as needed.





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