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24 Jul '17

It's personal - my lymphedema journey

When I started my skincare company many moons ago, it was with the desire to help improve my health as well as others. 

My journey was deeply personal and still is.
I needed nourishing, natural, non-toxic products that would help heal, protect, and strengthen my skin to protect me from infections, but also help my system detoxify.

You see, I have lymphedema. Lympha-what you might ask? Even health professionals say that to me from time to time! It's a relatively rare condition, with approximately 1 million Canadians being affected. 

I'm about to embark on another health journey to improve my life with lymphedema and I wanted to share it with you, my valued customers and loyal fans. You have followed along my PLANTiful journey and made my life better. I've been able to carve out a life for myself as an entrepreneur which allows me to take time when I need it to look after my lymphedema.

How you can help:

please donate!

We have set up a fundraising campaign to help raise funds needed. This week I am going to France for a Lymphatic MRI and meet with Dr Becker, a surgeon with 20 years experience treating lymphedema.

If you can't that's okay. Please help spread the word about our campaign as someone you know may be able to help. Every little bit adds up to help us get to our goal.
Fundraising campaign: https://www.youcaring.com/amybeaithjohnson-866587

Other ways you can help: Shop PLANTiful!

It's my bread and butter! So extra funds will be coming from here the next couple of years to help raise the money I need to have surgery.

If you have read this far, you are amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



01 Mar '17

World Lymphedema Day

March 6th is world lymphedema day to help bring awareness to this condition and support those who have it. Join me in celebrating this day! 

I will be joining in local events that day and having an ONLINE sale in support of world lymphedema day with a portion of the proceeds going to a lymphedema organization of my choice. Enjoy 25% off all orders that day. Enter: WorldLymphDay at checkout in our online shop and you are all set!  Read on to learn more about lymphedema and how it shaped the founding of PLANTiful!

19 Jun '15

Which is more moisturizing for your skin? A butter, a cream, salve, oil, or a lotion?

I used to think the richest product for our skin was a lotion, but surprisingly it's not and I'm about to tell you why. Lotions have a high concentration of water (generally 50% of the content), which makes them cheap to produce, but also hard to keep shelf stable without spoiling, hence they have lots of emulsifiers, preservatives, and stabilizers, many of which are toxic substances and known carcinogens. Yuck. 

Our bodies are 80%+ water, so wouldn't a water-based product be nourishing? Surprisingly the answer is no. The reason is, our bodies were meant to be hydrated from the INSIDE out through drinking fluids and consuming healthy, juicy foods. Our skin doesn't really like water. In fact, our skin has a layer of oil that our own body produces to protect us from the environment. It's called sebum. Without it, our skin cracks, and dried out from exposure to wind and water. Think of professionals who have their hands in water all day or must wash them several times a day such as health professionals, cooking staff, etc. If water were nourishing to our hands, they should have the softest skin of anyone! But they don't, not without slathering on lots of creams, all day long etc.

So, if lotion isn't the most nourishing for our skin, what is? Products that contain mostly oils, plant butters, and waxes are the best for our skin as they mimic the action of the sebum. e.g's being salves, body butters, body oils, creams (with a low water content). Body butters are excellent moisturizers that work hard and provide lasting protection throughout the day. Check out our rich moisturizers in our online shop such as our Whipped Cocolicious Body Butter. It smells like chocolate heaven!