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26 Jun '15

Learning about honey bees

I love honey for many reasons! 

We grew up with honey bees on our acreage in eastern Ontario and enjoyed having fresh honey on hand for eating and baking. My favourite kind was probably clover honey. As you might have guessed, I grew up eating a lot of honey and as I got older I learned more about its unique properties, beyond being a delicious, anti-inflammatory food, that were beneficial for healthy skin. 

07 Apr '15

Ameya Studio goes PLANTiful!

[caption id="attachment_1941" align="alignright" width="300"]Photo credit: Brick & Bubble Photo credit: Brick & Bubble[/caption] We are excited to announce that our company is changing names!! We have chosen a new name that we hope will better reflect the work that we do. We wanted a name and logo that captures our desire to promote the power of plants in healing and nourishing the skin. Our products are FULL of plant-based ingredients, such as our own herbal-infused oils, wild herbs, locally grown oats, and more. We have always strived to include as many locally grown ingredients as possible and will continue to do so. As part of our rebranding, we are expanding our skincare line to include some new items as well as new packaging under our new brand. These new items include:
  • [caption id="attachment_1942" align="alignright" width="220"]Our freshly poured Sunscream! (aka Sunscreen) Our freshly poured Sunscream! (aka Sunscreen)[/caption] Sunscreen (we call it Sunscream)
  • Cocolicious whipped body butter
  • Our castille olive oil soaps will be wrapped in plantable paper filled with Canadian wildflower seeds! How fun is that?!
Even though we are changing our brand, our high quality products that you LOVE are still here and we will continue to make them such as our organic deodorants, cinnamint toothpaste powder, herbal lip butters, salves, Alberta wool dryer balls, and more! THANK YOU on speech bubble price labelsA huge THANK YOU to the amazing Justine Ma for our logo and packaging design, Brickbubble for our cool stamps, my husband Mike Johnson for lending creative input and critique, and ALL of our fans for supporting us all these years!
13 Feb '15

New stockist - Habitat etc!

A new place to shop for our products!! We are pleased to announce you can now find some of our items at an awesome NEW gift shop in Edmonton called Habitat etc. Its on 104th St on the corner of 104th St & 102 Ave.Our organic deodorant! 3 scent blends to keep you fresh! Our organic deodorant! 3 scent blends to keep you fresh!

They are currently carrying our:

  • Wool dryer balls
  • Little Acorn's baby bum butter
  • Uncomplicatedly awesome deodorants!
If you haven't dropped into this store yet, you should check it out. They have a lot of amazing Edmonton talent in that little shop. A great place to shop local and support local artists, artisans, and designers at the same time!
30 Sep '14

My husband Mike

Posted by Amy Beaith in About Us
My dear husband Mike was a superstar helper on Saturday at Etsy Made in Canada and spent most of the day at my booth for me selling my soaps, scrubs, felted soaps, and deodorant was a popular item. I had a terrible cold as did our wee one Iris so it made more sense for the two sickies to stick together and not cough on our customers. Mike has become an integral part of the Ameya Studio team: coming to craft shows, helping me label, giving me ideas, advice, reminding me to spend time on the less exciting parts of running your own business, such as inventory, business planning, etc. I think my business has really grown since he's been involved and I'm grateful for that! I've also got to watch him grow as new dad and he wears this role very well! He is so loving, patient and loves making her giggle, which is so fun to watch. With our anniversary this week, this post is dedicated all to you! To two wonderful years of marital bliss! Happy Anniversary Mike and to many more to come! Here we are with our wee one Iris when we took a family vacay this summer in Ontario! Thanks to Karla Burns Photography for this family photo shoot. Was so fun! _MG_0498 _MG_0552