Spring Rituals - Grounding into Mother Earth

Spring Rituals - Grounding into Mother Earth

Spring Equinox is the balance of light and dark. The time of the year that the number of hours of sunlight equal the number hours of darkness.

The return of the sun ignites the fire of growth in this season. I find it so joyful to welcome back the longer days and get a dose of more sunshine each day! I encourage you to embrace the sunlight energy happening in nature around us as well as the lightness in the air. My kids seem to pick up on the extra sun energy and are still often wide awake near their usual bedtime. If you notice your kids are more awake this time of year, know that they might be tuned into the solar energy a bit more than us adults and they need a little extra help winding down. Foot massages with tallow balms can do wonders! It's a tried and true ritual in our house this time of year.

Spring Rituals:

Spring is a time to embrace hope, an invite in that lifting up feeling, drawing energy upwards from the earth back into the plants and trees.

Feel the sunshine and embrace the daylight. Take in a nature walk in the daylight hours for 20 min. Touch some trees with your barehands and feel their grounded energy and invite it into your body to ground with the trees.

Plant some seeds - figuratively and/or physically. We've included a small batch of Calendula seeds in our Spring Wellness boxes. A gift from our harvest at Reclaim Organic Farm. Check out the infographic about Gardening with Kids from Meagan Rose Wilson, A Seasonal Living Enthusiast that I follow and recommend.

Spring clean our homes and physical vessels like - rooms, drawers, clothes closet, purse, and phone.
Spring clean our bodies on the inside - by tending to our inner river system - our lymphatics, liver, kidneys, lymph vessels and spleen energetics. Potions we have that can help with that are the Rooted Tincture made with Burdock, Dandelion, Cleavers, and Poplar Buds, and a new rooted tea blend called: Herbal Cafe Mocha, or inviting in new cleansing rituals like Tongue Scraping, or try out a Ayurvedic detox online or in person. All 3 of these items are in the Spring Wellness Boxes! 

Spring clean our bodies on the outside -

with dry brushing 3X a week or go for a Lymphatic Drainage Massage. This type of massage is gentle and really effective. It is something I have gone for frequently in the past for my Lymphedema. But it can be helpful for general health support. Lymphatic Massage is becoming all the rage and I'm so happy to see it more mainstream. I would recommend my Massage Therapist Lee, who is a Certified Lymphatic Therapist with the Vodder School. His business down in Riverdale is called Shape & Flow.

Herbal Foraging of Spring time months:

  • Spruce Resin & Poplar Buds (right now is a good time),
  • Willow bark (early spring)
  • Dandelion Greens and Dandelion Roots April-May,
  • Lilacs in May,
  • Spruce Tips in May-June
  • Plantain in May-June
  • Nettle in May-June


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