Spring Rituals - Grounding into Mother Earth

Spring Rituals - Grounding into Mother Earth

Spring Equinox is the balance of light and dark. The time of the year that the number of hours of sunlight equal the number hours of darkness.

The return of the sun ignites the fire of growth in this season. I find it so joyful to welcome back the longer days and get a dose of more sunshine each day! I encourage you to embrace the sunlight energy happening in nature around us as well as the lightness in the air. My kids seem to pick up on the extra sun energy and are still often wide awake near their usual bedtime. If you notice your kids are more awake this time of year, know that they might be tuned into the solar energy a bit more than us adults and they need a little extra help winding down. Foot massages with body butters can do wonders! It's a tried and true ritual in our house this time of year.

Spring is a time to embrace hope, plant some seeds - figuratively and/or physically, do a spring clean in or homes and in our bodies. The spring clean in our bodies is tending to our inner river system - our lymphatics! 

In Ayurveda, it is the season of Vata which is the combination of Air and Ether elements, and the ending of Kapha from the winter. Vata brings change with wind and movement in ourselves and in the earth around us. The ether element helps create space in the earth again so that water element from winter can soak in deep and nourish those seeds that have been waiting patiently. Kapha is heavy, moist, and dense. This energy is soaking deep into the soil. As the Vata energy helps create space and lighten things up, the water can go deeper into the soil layers.

What happens in our bodies in the spring from an Ayurvedic perspective?

With the return of the air and ether element, we may feel lighter in mind and spirit, but also in our digestion. We may be gassier than usual, or not as hungry. The wind can be drying on our bodies, so protect your skin when you are out, or moisturize when you return to the indoors. When Vata is out balance in our bodies, you may experience dry skin, constipation, coughs, and colds, lack of appetite, anxiety and trouble focusing or following through.

We are just coming out of the water season of winter, Kapha, which is heavy and moist. This wet energy spills into spring in the form of mud, puddles, and juicyness in the earth and in us. If you are still feeling sluggishness from winter, this might be a sign of Kapha energy still in your body.

We need to break up the Kapha energy and help it melt away like the snow as well as have some of that 'snow' sink into our tissues as nourishment, so our seeds and visions can bloom in the seasons to come.

Follow mother nature's lead, go slow and take steps towards your goals every day and you will get there.

Spring Rituals to Bring Balance and Embrace the Season

  • Foods with Bitter tastes like dandelion leaf and root, spinach greens, Burdock root, Coffee, Turmeric root, and Grapefruit peel is another one. Grapefruit Peel is featured in our Spring Cleanse tea. Grapefruit peel is a wonderful lymphatic boosting ally as our dandelion, burdock, and turmeric.
  • The second taste is Astringent/Sour tastes like spruce tips, which will make you pucker your lips if you ever try a fresh one, but it's beautiful in syrups, pickled, and in an oxymel. So bright and fresh! More foods with astringent tastes are: fermented foods like vinegars, sauerkrauts, lemon, and elderberry. This is the perfect season to try one of our oxymel's to get the benefits of fermentation along with the lovely unique taste of Spruce Tips! Spruce Tip Oxymel is a unique offering only in our Spring Boxes!)    
  • The third taste of spring is Pungent, such as black peppercorns, ginger root, hot peppers, garlic, onions, thyme, rosemary, fennel, horseradish, and cloves. Adding in a bit of spice can help warm things up in our bodies just like the sun is warming the earth.

It is a good time for a cleansing ritual, but make it a nourishing cleanse.

  • Foods/Drinks: include lots of bitter greens in soups, salads, smoothies, teas like our Spring Cleanse blend, and tinctures like our Rooted blend.
  • Skincare: warm salt baths, dry brushing 3X a week, and tend to your skin and your nerves with nourishing skincare like our detoxifying body oil to support your lymphatics, and
  • Movement: It's time to rev it up a notch and get your sweat on! Make time for mindful exercise whether that be sweat sessions at the gym, walking/running, more vigorous yoga, now is the perfect time to rev up your usual exercise routine a bit in the light, bright energy of springtime. 
  • Intermittent Fasting: You may want to try intermittent fasting, such as a 16-8 fast, with16 hour fasting window and 8 hour eating window. e.g. would be fast from 6pm until 10am, so you would have a snack/small breakfast/or smoothie at 10am if hungry and eat lunch and dinner.

If you want to try this and would like some assistance, reach out and let me know. I offer free 15 min consultations and Herbal Wellness Packages are available as well. We can create a unique plan for you to suit your constitution and health goals.

Happy Spring to you!

Love, Amy

Founder, Lymphie, & Herbalist

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