Oxeye Daisy- A forgotten, helpful & loving flower

Oxeye Daisy- A forgotten, helpful & loving flower

Oxeye Daisies were often a flower I loved to play with in my childhood. That and buttercups. Holding the latter up to my chin and the former playing the "Love me, love me not" game. 

This often overlooked flower has many wonderful herbal constituents making it a tonic herb that is joyful, loving, and helps us come out of the shadows, shedding what no longer serves us. It is related to the arnica flower, famous for its pain relieving properties, daisies can be infused in a carrier oil for similar pain relieving and inflammation soothing benefits. 

Two weekends ago, the flowers powerfully called to me to come and sit with and pick them. It was on my way home from a transformative retreat called Wild Women Wild Roses. When I left to go home, I had this question in my head of How to I go back, without going back? I felt transformed and so loved and happier in my body. I was wondering how I could keep o those thoughts and feelings in the forefront as I headed back into the city. A new friend at the festival suggested I take my time going home. So I did. I literally was going like 40km down the pretty dirt roads and the flowers in the fields caught me eye and my soul, calling me to come over! So i pulled over to sit with them and they invited me to pick them. i'm so glad I followed my heart whisper and did that. I laughed, I cried, and I begin to integrate those teachings and energy that I wanted to bring back with me.   

What was so magical about that moment, was I had never picked them before and no idea of the variety of healing benefits of daisies held. They showed me their beauty in how they face the sky like little stars or sunshines looking upwards. Radiating joy and love. They shared a soulful message with me about the power of community and how the timing of blooming is an art. In a little community of flowers, it doesn't all happen all at once, but happens in a way that supports and strengthens the flower community as a whole. When I gazed into the daisy patch, I could see how some of the daisies had finished blooming and others were in perfect bloom, and some just getting started. i took this message and am thinking about it about applying to my view of the world. Plants always have the best medicine and help us see our best medicine that resides in our souls.

I listened loud and clear to make some medicines with these daisies to support others on their healing journeys.  Our offerings this year are going to be:

  • Daisy Flower Essence in 1 oz
  • Daisy infused body + bath oil, 2 oz & 4 oz
  • Summer Tea Blend

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