Making the switch to a zero waste shampoo bar

Making the switch to a zero waste shampoo bar

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Have you tried a shampoo bar before?

We love our shampoo bars because they can fulfill the need for plastic-free hair care that works! It's harder to make and maintain the switch to more sustainable choices when you can feel like the choice is leaving you with something less effective, right?

Our shampoo bars are functional, natural, reasonably priced for the number of washes you get in comparison to liquid shampoo bottles, and they let you reduce one plastic bottle in your bathroom. Win for you and win for the planet. I love them for ease of travel on vacations or to the gym for a workout. No worry about a bottle leaking in your bag all over your stuff!

They are made with all organic ingredients like: extra-virgin olive oil and castor oil which is wonderful for the hair and gives the bars a great lather. Our current blend is made with rosemary + peppermint oils, which are excellent for a variety of hair types and can help boost shine & volume.

Shampoo bars without harsh ingredients.

Our shampoo bars are sulfate-free, which means you get naturally clean hair without harsh ingredients that damage your hair and strip your scalp of natural, protective oils.

The experience of using a shampoo bar is different than liquid shampoo and can take a bit of time for the body to adjust. We encourage you to stick with it for at least 3 weeks for the best results. 

What do oily & flaky scalps have in common?

The vicious cycle of conventional drugstore shampoos & conditioners are the shampoos contain harsh detergents in them often made with SLES or SLS or SCS (Sodium Cocoyl Sulfate which is 70% SLS) strip away the oils naturally on your scalp causing your scalp to produce more oil. Then because your hair was stripped of oils with the shampoo, we feel a need for a conditioner to add moisture and oils back into the hair to keep tangles down and make it feel softer. What happens is the conditioner coats your hair with silicones to look shiny and feel soft while your body is overproducing what it would normally for oils on the scalp leaving you with hair that within a day or two feels like it has lots of build-up and needs a wash! Argh! Other folks experience dryness and flakiness instead of a noily calp. This too is caused by the harsh detergents found in conventional drugstore shampoos.

Let us help you break the cycle!

Our shampoo bars are wonderful for all hair types. They are made from entirely plant-based oils and are gentle on the scalp. Your hair will be clean and your scalp won't be getting stripped of natural oils. The need to wash every day will disappear with our bars. Saving your $$ and time. 

Don't give up. Hang in there it gets WAYYY better! 

It may take a few weeks of washes for your hair and scalp to adjust to the ingredients and consistency of the shampoo bars, so stick with it. Most traditional shampoos have silicones, which coat the hair such as dimethicone which is particularly challenging for buildup. It doesn't easily wash off without strong detergents, so it may take several weeks before your hair and scalp will be free from build-up.  

Within a couple of weeks, you will notice stronger, healthier hair, less oily or flaky scalp and you should be feeling the need to wash your hair less due to build-up on the hair. After my hair adjusted to the bars when we began making and using them years ago, I found I went from washing several times a week to washing a couple of times a week to now once a week. My hair is stronger and thicker than ever. 

What do we recommend for conditioning?

We have Apple cider vinegar rinses we have formulated for normal to sensitive scalps and oily scalps. It can be a great addition to your hair care routine.

What are the benefits of a herbal hair rinse?




  • Strengthens hair - reduces brittleness & split ends
  • Clarifies and conditions the hair/scalp
  • Decreases tangles
  • Improves shine
  • Works wonderfully with our shampoo bars as a conditioning rinse!

What other hair care products do we offer?

  • Hair + Face Oil - The perfect minimalist moisturizer for hair and face. We infuse horsetail which is high in silica helping to strengthen the hair and encourage the body to produce collagen. Yes, you don't need to eat collagen. Your body knows how to make it naturally when given the right mineral and nutrients. We blend this with sun protective oils of jojoba, raspberry seed, and sea buckthorn with a touch of spruce resin for a oil than is moisturizing and helps protect you from the elements
  • BKIND Hair Brushes - Canadian made hair plastic-free wooden hairbrushes with bamboo bristles! We've been using these for over a year now and they are wonderful! You feel like you are getting a wonderful scalp massage as well as they are great for getting out the tangles. Our whole family uses them and we think they are great which is why we are carrying them now in our online shop! The kids love the handle and find them easy to hold to brush their own hair.

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Margarette Anne
Margarette Anne

I often think of making this switch but dont know if my thick hair could cope with a bar shampoo!

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