Kapha Season - Detoxify, Nourish & Set Boundaries to get Ready for Spring

Kapha Season - Detoxify, Nourish & Set Boundaries to get Ready for Spring

Over the next couple of months I'll be talking some more Ayurveda training. I've so enjoyed learning about Ayurveda and how much attention they pay to the role of Lymphatic Health, I had to delve in deep and learn more!

Right now is an important time from an Ayurvedic viewpoint in that its the beginning of Kapha Season! Kapha Season is full of water and earth energy. In the Northern Hemisphere, it begins at the end of February/start of March and goes until the end of spring. It's the shoulder season of when winter meets spring and brings with it dampness and grounding energy. Depending on what Dosha is your primary one, it can impact you in different ways.

The energy of Kapha is Earth and Water. It can be heavy but grounding, damp but deliciously moist, make us emotional or help us release what we need to, to get us ready for Spring. In nature, this wet heavy energy is needed so that the snow melt and rains will sink slowly and deeply into the soil to nourish those roots and seeds before Spring arrives fully in couple months.

To balance Kapha energy and prevent it from being too strongly stagnant on our energy, some things you can do at the shift of the season include:

  • Add some dry brushing to your routine to slough off the dry winter skin and wake up your lymphatics, improve circulation and boost your immune system. 
  • Why not follow that dry brushing with a loving self massage with our Kapha balancing Detoxifying Body + Bath Oil to nourish the skin & nervous system? 
  • Our respiratory system is affected by Kapha energy, so we might get more coughs and colds this time of year due to the dampness. Try our elderberry syrup kit to give your immune system a boost and help prevent cough and colds from settling in. Add our immune boost essential oil blend to your diffuser to open the airways and clean the air.



  • Feeling emotional, and boundaries being challenged or a need to set better boundaries can be a strong feeling with the shift in energy of the season. Try journaling, meditating (add our boreal forest experience essential oil blend to help you ground into nature) sound healing, a bath, declutter what isn't serving you to lighten yourself and your surroundings. What energetic roots and seeds can you nourish right now to get ready for spring?


  • Have a greenhouse? Get your hands in the dirt and get growing some little seedlings or connect with Mother Nature and go on a nature walk or go foraging for rosehips. They are a bright little gem this time of year. 


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