Immune Boost Suggestions during COVID-19 with DIY Hand Sanitizer recipe

Immune Boost Suggestions during COVID-19 with DIY Hand Sanitizer recipe

There is a lot of worry right now as we all navigate this global pandemic of COVID-19 and information is changing daily. Take solace in that there is much you can do for yourself and your family to help protect yourselves at this difficult time.

It has brought out some of our best (kindness, generosity), and worst (fear, hoarding) characteristics and actions. I've been coping like all of you by huddling into our sweet home self-isolating and keeping things as calm around the house as possible.

Some things we have been relying on and finding helpful are:

  • self-isolation (please stay home if you can)
  • washing our hands with castille soap (see the post about why castile soap works great here)
  • using a DIY hand sanitizer we made when we have to go out (see recipe below)
  • Meditation. It helps. Really. (I'm a converted believer and daily practicer now)
  • Daily moisturizing with our body care to keep our acid mantle layer of our skin strong. This helps keep bad bugs out/off of your body)
  • Daily elderberry syrup as a preventative and immune system booster (recipe here)
  • Drinking lots of water, tea, etc. (lots of fluids to keep your lymphatic system healthy and your body flushing toxins as it should)
  • eating plant-based (get your greens and eat fruits, veggies)
  • get enough sleep (your immune system does most of its building and repairing when you are asleep)
  • cleansing the air in the house with our immune boost e.o. blend or boreal forest experience blend (both are great air cleaning blends)smudging with a homemade sage stick
  • light beeswax candles at dinner (candle smoke from beeswax helps clean the air too), plus it feels good and it's a great comfort to have as a focus at the dinner table!
  • Taking time for the mundane and for silliness. Live here. Right now. We don't know what's ahead so enjoy the now and take it moment by moment. Find the joy in the little things.
  • Nature walks! Our rec centres may be closed, but you can enjoy nature in our city. Being mindful of social distancing, you can get great healing benefits from nature from a mind-body perspective. Fresh air and time in nature boosts our immune system and helps your body produce serotonin, A feel-good, calming hormone.  Other nature activities that are grounding and healing that we are enjoying are: the backyard, garden planning for spring, egg decorating (spring equinox is almost here), paint each other's nails, cuddling up and watching movies, face painting, art, and crafts. 




    • Time: 10 minutes
    • Makes 100mL 


    • 75mL Isopropyl alcohol (99% alcohol blend)
    • 10mL witch hazel or hydrosol infusion
    • 15mL aloe vera gel 
    • 12-24 drops e.o. blend of choice (e.g. 6 drops lavender, 6 drops sweet orange, 4 drops tea tree,) or (6 drops ea. lemon, tea tree, clary sage) OR (lemon, lavender, sweet orange, black spruce or fir)

    NOTE: You can use all aloe vera instead os soam aloe vera and some witch hazel.


    Add all ingredients to beaker and stir. Pour into spray bottles to keep with you when you are out and about. Washing with soap is still your best option, but when soap isn't available this can be helpful until you can get somewhere to wash and moisturize your hands again.

    PRO TIP! If you used fresh aloe vera as I did, it can be a bit slimy and lumpy to work with, but the freshness is so great. After adding the aloe vera to the alcohol, I whirled everything in the blender for a few seconds to break up the aloe vera chunks. Worked perfectly. 

    Disclaimer: This homemade recipe has not been tested by any 3rd party and as such should always be used with caution. recommend spot testing before widespread use. This post is not a substitute for medical, legal, or any other professional advice of any kind.


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