From a shy kid to a Calendar girl!

Amy Beaith

Growing up I was a shy little girl who would blush when people would say hi, taking refuge behind my mom's legs a lot of the time. Once I got Lymphedema in my left leg at age 5, it made me even more shy and self-conscious of my appearance.

But, when you have a disability that makes it physically noticeable, it puts you more out in the open and often, you can't hide. I spend a lifetime trying to hide my condition for many years wearing long pants and avoiding shorts and skirts.

It wasn't until after having kids in my 30s that I realized I needed to embrace my legs for what they were. An important part of me. A gift that helps me walk places, maintain an active life, take care of my little joyful girls. Instead of hiding, now I talk more openly about it. So much so that I started an Instagram account (@nourishedlymph) to share my story of living a good life with lymphedema and have over 770 followers! 

My journey with lymphedema also inspired the starting of PLANTiful many years ago. I wanted top quality, toxin-free skincare to help with my dry skin, a side effect of Lymphedema. Our lymphatic system has many important roles in the body from assisting with immune function and toxin removal. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my journey with Lymphedema would lead me to be where I am, a spokesperson for the disease! 

In 2018, The Canadian Lymphedema Framework ran a story in their monthly magazine on my skincare business and I am featured in their 2019 calendar with other inspiring Lymphedema thrivers! I'm honoured and grateful to be included amongst a bunch of inspiring folks!

To learn more about the Canadian Lymphedema Framework or purchase a calendar, click on the link above.



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