Are you thinking about back to school and fall wellness yet? Top tips from our family to yours!

Are you thinking about back to school and fall wellness yet? Top tips from our family to yours!

I know it's scorching hot these days and still full on summer mode as we squeeze in last minute camping trips, splash park visits with friends and popsicle drippy faces, but autumn wellness has started to creep back into my mind and thought it might be for you too and you might be wondering what we can do to improve our health and prevent the onslaught of school germs from ravaging our homes.

Here are my top family tips for autumn wellness as you start thinking about back to school time!

Stock up on immunity favourites like Elderberry Syrup,Simmering Elderberry Syrup Immunity Boost e.o blend,

Castille soaps for handwashing, and balms/skin sticks for all that dry skin from increased hand sanitizer use. Dig out your favourite soup recipes!

As soon as the kids get home, we get them to wash their hands with soap and unpack lunch boxes. Another fun trick I learned in my herbal studies is have a potted herb like Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon Balm by the front door, and kids naturally want to touch it as they go in an out of the house and it offers some immune protection through it's antibacterial essential oils on the leaves. Neat eh?!

Pack immunity/skin health essentials into their backpacks!

- Sunscreen for outdoor fun in September.

- Glitter sticks or skin sticks/lip balms.

- Hand sanitizer spray

- Healthy colourful lunch with fruits/veggies

Immunity Boost with Foods!

Soups! Many symptoms can be relieved with this age old remedy. The moisture in soups goes a long way to keeping our immune system healthy by keeping its highway (the lymph system) nourished and moisturized. Our gut contains 70% of all our lymphatic tissue in the body, so what we eat can go along way to how we feel and getting over a cold. We make a point of having soup 1-2 times a week during the autumn months. I love love pumpkin soup with coconut milk + ginger! I'll be including our recipe in our Autumn Wellness Box available around Autumn Equinox!

Trade the sugary treats for something homemade or lower in sugar or don't send it every day. Sugar dampens the immune system, so it can't fight off germs as best as it can normally. At this time of year, you want to boost the immune system, so focus on foods that strengthen the immune system, like whole un-processed foods, veggies, and fruits.

Create a calm bedtime routine so your kids zonk out and get the rest they need.

In our house our kids love story time with foot massages. While I don't do foot massages every night, when I do, I use this time to check out their skin for cuts/scrapes, and apply the Be Calm + Sleep Balm to their feet, hands, and/or back. The smell gets them into the zone along with stories. For myself, I love this balm too and take the Be Calm + Sleep Tincture in the evenings to help wind down. Don't stress about doing it the same way we do. Find your rhythm and what makes your bedtime calm for you and your kiddos!

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