Natural sunscreen - coming soon!

These past few months I've been hibernating from posting. Sorry fans, but what I've been up to I hope you will like! I've been researching and learning how to make a high quality, all natural sunscreen. Yes! It can be done. So far I've made 1 test batch and given it out to my volunteer human testers for review. sunscreenSunscreen is one of those sought after products once sandals, shorts & t-shirt season arrives. But, the ingredients in most name brand products can leave you scratching your head thinking do i have to put this on my skin if I don't want a sunburn? Yuck. 10348786_10152296462169934_8770765450764216646_oWondering what brands on the market have a good rating and which ones to avoid? Check out the SkinDeep database and this info from the Organic Consumers Association for information. Not all sunscreens are alike.
  • According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) annual report, two-thirds of sunscreen on the market either contain harmful ingredients, including cancer-causing oxybenzone, or do not provide sufficient protection. Learn how to avoid these products:
  What's in my sunscreen? I will be continuing testing and developing my product this summer, but so far here is a teaser of what some of the ingredients are that you will find int my sunscreen: beeswax, organic fair-trade shea butter, calendula infused extra-virgin olive oil, vitamin E, and non-nano zinc oxide. It will have a SPF rating of about 25-30. What makes my natural sunscreen superior?
  • Calendula infused olive oil - Calendula is soothing and anti-inflammatory. oil makes a cream smooth and absorbs into the skin
  • Zinc oxide - is a natural mineral. It is the active ingredient in the sunscreen and provides broad protection from UVA and UVB. It's also fairly water repellent.
  • Shea butter - is moisturizing and has a natural rating of about 6-10 SPF.
  • Beeswax - excellent for skin repair and acts an a natural emulsifier in the cream holding all the ingredients together without separation, plus the smells is delicious!

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