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Honey JarI love honey for many reasons!  We grew up with honey bees on our acreage in eastern Ontario and enjoyed having fresh honey on hand for eating and baking. My favourite kind was probably clover honey. As you might have guessed, I grew up eating a lot of honey and as I got older I learned more about its unique properties, beyond being a delicious, anti-inflammatory food, that were beneficial for healthy skin. 

Banish Dry Skin Salve Cool Mint & Honey Castille Soap It is excellent for skincare and can be added to facials, soaps, creams, salves, lip butters. It has been used for centuries as a wound treatment and is gaining a resurgence in interest from the medical community. Starting almost from the beginning of my business, I began adding it to my soaps and facial scrubs for it's healing properties and sweet aroma! It turns out, these are are some of our most popular products. These are: Cool Mint & Honey soap, beeswax lip butters, and our Banish dry Skin Hand Salve.  I also highly recommend trying our clay facial mask/cleansing grains and instead of mixing it with water, mix it with honey and rub onto your skin and let it dry for a truly special facial. You won't believe how soft and nourished your skin feels afterwards!

Edmonton recently passed a bylaw allowing backyard bees and I couldn't be happier for it! I have hopes of getting a hive for our backyard one day, but am happy enough for now to see honey bees swooping into my yard to pollinate our raspberry bushes, tomatoes and strawberries. I even had a couple fly into the house in the spring! Was i scared? No! Why not? Honey bees are pretty dopy in the spring looking for food and they aren't interested in stinging. I just scooted the little bees onto paper and covered with a plastic container and set it outside. They flew away, happily in search of flowers with nectar. Not at all interested in me or what's in my house! 

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  • Ohh the mint and honey soap sounds lovely! I love the feeling of your skin afterwards

    Orani Cosmetics

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