Seasonal Lymphatic Wellness

Would you like to be supported by the rhythms of nature and follow the wheel of the year?

Imbolc + Love Box

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1 year subscriptions (4 Boxes or 8 boxes)

Seasonal alignment with a boxes delivered each season throughout the year has many benefits for you and your community!

- It's a Herbal CSA

- $$$ Savings of up to 1 FREE box/year!

- Unique potions in each box with locally grown and foraged ingredients.

- No worry about ordering by the cut-off date.

- It's an investment in your health to help you build your own herbal apothecary that you can turn to throughout the year.

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Imbolc + Love Box (Pre-order by Jan 16th)

Our newest seasonal box! Featuring 6-8 potions that include a NEW cacao, our best selling laundry powder and more to align with the energetics of midwinter!

Imbolc falls on Feb 2nd, halfway between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. It's considered an early awakening to spring in some places, and midwinter in other places like here in Edmonton.

Ground Hog day shares the same date, and Valentines comes a couple weeks later. I think it's a time of stirring and restlessness, kind of energy. Wondering if winter is almost over, cleansing, purifying, getting more active with the longer days, looking for love.

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Lymph Well Starter Edition Box

Do you know how to Lymph Well?

Lymphing well starts is about keeping your inner river system flowing, nourished, and clean. We can all do this by protecting what goes into our bodies, and keeping our bodies outer protection system intact - our skin.


- pure castille soap made with detoxifying clay + bamboo charcoal, juniper berry + grapefruit

- magnesium spray infused with lymph loving horsetail + calendula

- copper tongue scraper, bamboo toothbrush, and clay toothpaste, and clay deodorant for a detoxifying hygiene routine!

- keep your skin soft, clean and your outer immune protection layer intact with our rich, hydrating body butter, gentle detoxifying castille soap and and jute brush mitt for your wet or dry brushing needs.

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Seasonal Lymphatic Wellness

The health of our bodies depends on the health of our planet and vice versa. Seasonal alignment is lymphatic alignment. Our lymphatic system, is the river that runs beneath our skin. Constantly moving, flowing with our bodies movement, our breath. It depends on movement, on change. The only constant in nature is change. When you align with this, you become more resilient, adaptive, and creative.

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I loved it all so much

So glad I ordered this. This box was filled with treasures I put to use in my life immediately. Everything in it was awesome, but special mention to the lovely seabuckthorn oxymel, so refreshing, nourishing, bright, and unique. With ingredients that are locally wildcrafted and expertly processed and combined, this is the best of the best, a powerful magic for good. You can't go wrong with these boxes for yourself or a special gift.I don't think I'm going to want to miss any of them.

Fiona G

Delightful Treats in October Edition of Monthly Wellness Box

There are such lovely herbal remedies and treats in the October edition of the monthly wellness box. I appreciate that the box introduces me to new remedies I've never tried before like the oxymel that is such an interesting and delicious flavour. The Autumn Calm herbal tea is delicious on it's own and I've had fun blending it with other herbs as well. Oh the tincture is wonderful as a way to help me drop back into my body after a day's work. I will definitely be looking forward to purchasing future monthly wellness boxes!

Jasmine S


“Just have to say again how much you have inspired me to take better care of my lymphedema. I don't know what condition it would be in if I hadn't met you. It excites me to think of you being able to help others in the same way!”

Anne R.

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