Core Values

Bio-regional, seasonal herbalism

Herbalist formulated + hyper local, organically sourced ingredients.

Zero Waste

Full circle, hand-made, toxin-free with YOU and our MOTHER EARTH in mind. Created, packaged, as well as shipped responsibly to your door.

Breaking Down Barriers

Founded and owned by a woman with a disability. So often the wellness space can feel able-bodied and exclusive. That is not the case here.


So glad I ordered this.

This Seasonal box was filled with treasures I put to use in my life immediately. Everything in it was awesome, but special mention to the lovely seabuckthorn oxymel, so refreshing, nourishing, bright, and unique. With ingredients that are locally wildcrafted and expertly processed and combined, this is the best of the best, a powerful magic for good. You can't go wrong with these boxes for yourself or a special gift.I don't think I'm going to want to miss any of them.

Fiona G.

There are such lovely herbal remedies and treats in the October edition of the monthly wellness box. I appreciate that the box introduces me to new remedies I've never tried before like the oxymel that is such an interesting and delicious flavour. The Autumn Calm herbal tea is delicious on it's own and I've had fun blending it with other herbs as well. Oh the tincture is wonderful as a way to help me drop back into my body after a day's work. I will definitely be looking forward to purchasing future monthly wellness boxes!

Jasmine S.

Inspired. Just have to say again how much you have inspired me to take better care of my lymphedema. I don't know what condition it would be in if I hadn't met you. It excites me to think of you being able to help others in the same way!”

Anne R.

Amazing Elderberry Syrup!

Price was great. Product is amazing. Love that I have access to such high quality product.

Virginia S.

I love how it made my skin feel!

I’m very pleased with my purchase of Purple Love Honey facial mask. It was pleasant to apply and I appreciated the subtle sweet fragrance of the wildflower honey. I left it on for 15 minutes and after I’d rinsed it off, my skin felt delightfully refreshed and happy. And because it’s a concentrate the jar will last for quite a while. I definitely recommend it!

Nancy M.

Magic Itch Eraser.

In winter I get a terribly itchy back, which then gets scabs all over from the scratching, not a pretty sight. I decided to try this poultice, but since I didn't have honey and didn't want to get sticky I mixed it with some diluted apple cider vinegar rinse (also from Plantiful) and Nature's Cure aloe gel (which is magical too). I put this on my back and lay down on my stomach for awhile - it felt tingly and I thought "This is doing something". I washed it off - the skin was flushed maybe from the AC - and put on more Nature's Gate. Oh wow. I could tell it had done some good. Such a nice sensation not to be itchy anymore, at all.

Fiona G.

Loves these lip balms!

Bought these for my sisters birthday and she loves them! Uses them everyday, especially having to wear a mask at work all day, these lip balms really seem to help.

Thanks Amy!

Brandon B.

"I Really enjoy the variety of flavours in the multi-pack lip balm bundle! They keep my lips feeling fabulous without feeling like I need to re-apply a million times a day. I have a bit of trouble navigating the lid back on after I've pushed it up, but it's a small sacrifice considering the packaging is sustainable. Another fab product."


I literally feel so upset when I use any other soap but this one in public places, etc. It's like the perfect soap - smells nice, feels nice and the skin feels good after using it!